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What better way to evaluate a product than to hear from real users? Hear what our customers are saying about using Raken on the jobsite.

Andrew Dyer | Unison Construction Management

That capability to be able to access and take photographs throughout the day on an iPhone or a tablet has just been a game-changer. As soon as we started using Raken we realized how valuable they were. Raken is a live update throughout the day, which is really foolproof. As a general superintendent that has an overview of all the projects, it's really handy for me to be able to go in and view the projects live as they happen each day when I'm not necessarily on site, which has been a real help.

Blair McDonnell | Opus Mechanical

Raken reporting is so well organized, and with the pictures along with the reports, it elevates our company to a better level over our competitors who aren't using it. Raken brings a higher level of professionalism to our reporting.

David Ingram | Maurice Agrillo General Contractors

Raken has everything I wanted in a daily reporting app. For example, I can send reports to my partner quickly: I don't have to give him an update during the day or at the end of the week because he's on the daily report automatic mailing list. Raken has streamlined our communication because he sees what I see every day.

Jan Ahners | Alvin H. Butz, Inc.

"Raken makes my day so much easier. I am not stuck at my desk at the end of the day sorting through all my notes for manpower and pics. It’s a perfect time management tool every Superintendent should have."

Dominic Daughtrey | Sundt Construction

We were able to implement Raken seamlessly and efficiently, and not only with our employees but with the subcontractors as well. We haven't seen any software yet in the industry that is so intuitive and user-friendly.

John Albert | Unified Building Group

"Raken helps get our costs dialed in. We want to use real data, so the work log hours that the subcontractors plug in helps us find discrepancies. With Raken we get actual costs and hours so we can go in and see the actual lessons learned, checking the budget to the actuals. I look at man-hours in Raken and then decide what I need to do at the end of the job to be more competitive."

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Raken App Ratings and Reviews

Raken offers streamlined construction apps for both Apple and Android devices. Read what users are saying about the app performance and experience. Download Raken free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Great product and awesome customer service

Raken is one of the best decisions we took in our company. By creating professional daily reports in just seconds, it saves more than 30% of time on our project Coordinators. And Customer Service is the best, they are always available and always follow up to make sure you are clear. Especially Ivan, he does an excellent job. Thanks Raken Team.

Best & User Friendly

I found this app by trying different ones out there, this program I hope is here to stay. It’s easy, and once your job and sub contractors are input in, the quick fill in the blanks for the remainder of the job makes it great because I just don’t have a lot of time to be stuck doing daily reports. Thanks Raken, keep it up!

Fantastic App
Bob Alpha

Just finished by free trial and immediately subscribed. I've been searching for a user friendly format to track daily reports. This app allows everything from sub and employee hours to photos. Absolutely the best customer service. Christian is a huge asset and a pleasure to work with!

Capterra Ratings and Reviews

The very best daily reports!
Robert Schuck | Project Manager

Started out with the free trial version on a single construction project, and after seeing how well it worked and how easy it is, we are implementing this program on several additional teams to get buy-in from more company members. It is extremely easy and QUICK to fill-out valuable daily information. I love the ability to quickly snap pictures right within the app and the final report timestamps the photos and formats them beautifully in the end product for distribution. Implementation of your company-specific logo is a great touch and it is very professional looking.

No more log books!
Bret Griepenstroh | Superintendent

As a Superintendent for a commercial construction company, it is hard to find time to sit down and fill out your log book. Let alone track down pictures and organize them so they relate to that day. Good luck gathering this information in a timely manner! Then I ran across Raken. Didn't know anything about it but seemed worth the try. Did the 15 day trial, they even let me try it for longer. Then I introduced it to my superiors and now we use it company wide. Even the old timers can run it!