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Raken's construction management app is the fastest way to see your sites, without getting drowned in details.


Benefits for everyone

Raken's weekly and monthly summaries give you progress from all your sites in one report that's easy to digest

Sees project summaries focusing on important progress milestones.
Gets a single, clear daily report with everything they need to know.
Tracks inspections, issues, and assigns tasks as they walk the site.

Track the pulse of your sites in seconds

Filter out the noise and focus on what's important

construction project analytics for owners
construction project summaries for owners
track work logs from projects


Know the important events on your jobsite the moment they happen.

view construction project status software


Gather the information that's relevant to your specific business.

project analytics for general contractors


Project analytics and summaries help you keep track of multiple jobsites.

protect from construction litigation
Protect yourself from construction litigation

Owners and contractors are liable for construction defects up to 10 years after a project has been completed, and there are dozens of stories about firms that paid the price for not being able to prove they weren't negligent. Your best defense against litigation is to keep thorough, professional daily reports that show your team is doing their job the right way.

Raken stores your detailed, time-stamped, and signed daily reports after a project is complete to give you a comprehensive timeline of project progress, delays, and safety incidents to reference in the event of legal action. LEARN MORE

Trusted by thousands of construction companies around the world.

F Gomez, GA Dominguez

“It's easy to use and reliable, regardless of platform. It has significantly improved our company's communication, record-keeping, and billing.”

John Vaseleck, LeChase

“I have an entire company in the process of adopting Raken as their daily reporting system.”

Bret Griepenstroh, Sampson Construction

“Convenience, which in return makes the field guys more productive. Overall, a great asset to the company.”

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