App for Subcontractors

Raken's app is the fastest way to see your sites, without getting drowned in details.


Benefits for your whole team

Spend less time on construction reports and more time getting the job done

Captures daily report events on the go with mobile app.
Gets customized summary reports with milestone photos.
Project Manager
Shares customized, branded reports with stakeholders.
Safety Manager
Monitors safety incidents and resolution updates in real time.
Tracks budgets easier with cost code reports.
Field Engineer
Captures photos and issues as they walk the jobsite.
Project Admin
Keeps project documents and photos in one spot.
Tracks crew hours and rolls over similar tasks between days.
Payroll Admin
Gets a single report with all workers for faster processing.

The fastest daily report available

A subcontractor's success depends on making sure that the general contractor and owner clearly see the quality work you're doing. With Raken's professional, personally-branded construction reports you can do just that, all while staying compliant to daily report requirements, in just minutes.


With voice-to-text, one-tap photo and video, and automatically synced weather it's never been easier to do your daily as you walk the site, not stuck in the trailer at the end of the day.

Photo Management

Take photos and videos as you walk the site and automatically add them to your daily. Attach documents and files to keep everything organized.


Track hours faster in the field with crew or individual edits, automatically split hours, cost code tracking, and export capabilities to streamline payroll.

Trusted by thousands of construction companies around the world.

Jan Ahner, Butz

“I am not stuck at my desk at the end of the day sorting through all my notes for manpower and pics. It's a perfect time management tool every Superintendent should have.”

Marty Masters, Renewable Energy Systems Americas

“This is the fastest, best, most user friendly app out there. I can see why it was voted the number one Construction app on the market.”

Charles Smith, Scott and Reid

“This is the best way to do daily reports- all areas are covered, all subs are in order, easy, quick, helpful, and Raken sends it out. Where was this 20 years ago?”

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