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Site Visitor Log and Checklist

Use this site visitor checklist to log visitors to your construction site and review visitor safety protocol.


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What is the name of the visitor?

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What company does the visitor work for?

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What is the title of the visitor?

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What is the nature of the visit today?

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What time did the visit occur?

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Did the visitor review and agree to the project safety requirements?

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Does the visitor have proper PPE to walk the project?

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visitor being shown jobsite by construction worker.

What is a site visit in construction?

When a person who is not an authorized member of the construction crew is present on the jobsite, it’s often referred to as a site visit.

Jobsite visit, onsite visit, site tour, and other terms are also used to describe this activity.

What is the purpose of a site visit?

There are many different reasons for jobsite visits, but most commonly they are requested so the interested party can monitor progress or observe the construction process.

Typical site visitors include:

  • Clients

  • Consultants

  • Students

  • Government inspectors

A visitor may request access to the jobsite, or the construction company may invite visitors to the site themselves.

In either case, both the visitor and the construction crew must observe the proper safety procedures during the visit.

How do you ensure the safety of visitors?

While safety is always crucial in construction, it’s even more important to closely follow protocol and exercise situational awareness when visitors are onsite.

When the visitor is a client or customer who has little to no experience in construction, the risk of accident and injury increases exponentially. To protect your visitors and your crew, follow these guidelines.

1. Schedule site visits in advance.

If possible, schedule site visits well in advance. You can build the visit into the project timeline, rescheduling any tasks that may affect the visitor’s safety for a different day.

Use the time you have before the visit to make sure the jobsite is as safe as possible. All tools, equipment, and material should be properly stored, and the site should be clean and clear of debris.

Consider conducting a toolbox talk on housekeeping tasks before the visit to reinforce expectations.

2. Inform your crew of the visit.

Let your crew know the exact times and dates when there will be visitors onsite, even if they aren’t scheduled to work in the observation area. There is always the possibility that a visitor will ask to see more of the site, or they may accidentally enter workspaces they aren’t approved to access.

One extra person in the workspace can significantly affect safety, and all crew members should be made aware of any visits so they can be on guard to help protect themselves and the visitor. Then, they should be informed once the visit has concluded.

3. Review construction safety requirements.

Review safety procedures with your visitors before they set foot on the jobsite. Make sure they understand those procedures and agree to follow them to the best of their abilities.

4. Provide personal protective equipment.

Supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to your visitors and ensure they utilize it properly.

This way, you can verify their equipment meets the most up-to-date standards.

5. Accompany the visitor onsite.

Visitors should always be escorted on the jobsite. Never allow a visitor to explore the site unattended.

6. Use a construction site visitor checklist.

It’s important to document all site visits. Record the personal information of each visitor in a visitor log, including the time and date of the visit and the visit's purpose. And, be sure to log both the time they arrived on and exited the jobsite.

Using a construction site visitor checklist will help your make sure you don’t miss any vital details.

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