Construction Dashboards

Critical construction jobsite activity and project insights at a glance


Construction Dashboard activity

The Raken construction dashboard gathers critical construction project data from your sites throughout the day into a real-time newsfeed. With Raken's field management construction dashboard report, get notified of missed daily reports or safety incidents, dive into specific events for more details, or get a general overview of each project in the past activity feed.

Workers, hours, safety incidents, delays, all your important data, in context, and in one place

Easily browse pictures from different jobsites

Search within Raken and Instantly jump into a complete daily report from past activity

Automatic notifications for missed daily reports and safety incidents


Raken Insights gathers project data from your daily construction reports, surveys, time cards, and other field data sources. The data can be visualized on the Insights tab of your dashboard, breaking down all your information by date and project so you can discover which construction projects are succeeding and which need help with side-by-side comparisons.

Sync field and office

Raken's dashboards for construction field management are automatically synced across devices whether you're in the field or the office so everyone is on the same page.

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