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Theft From a Construction Site Toolbox Talk

Minimize theft and put security best practices into place on the construction site.

Theft From a Construction Site Safety Talk

There are many challenges that construction sites have to deal with when it comes to theft. Finding ways to protect their equipment and tools can be a bit tricky. The National Equipment Register averages a total of $1 billion each year worth of stolen items from job sites. To better protect the equipment and tools that are on job sites, creative thinking needs to be done to protect items from being stolen.

Ways to Protect Items From Being Stolen

Over the years, there have been many ways to help prevent theft that construction sites have used. The tools, equipment, and valuables are an important part of work getting done according to the timeline. When things are stolen, it can delay the process.

The number of items needing protection and the type of equipment that it is will determine what measures need to be taken. Some may require minimal steps and others may be a little more extensive. Let’s discuss some of the basic ways that you can protect the assets of the construction site.

Put Security Measures In Place

Security can mean many different things. There is the security of a person monitoring the area around the clock. This is an added cost most of the time though, so you will have to factor that into your budget.

You can also use measures of adding fences and barbed wire around work sites. This can help to keep people out of the construction zone. If they are still able to get in, it will make it difficult to get items out.

Put Tools and Equipment Away

Tools and equipment should always be stored and put away after use. Leaving things out is not only a hazard to employees, but also can leave room for theft. When the workday is over, make sure all items are stored properly. The storage that you have, should not be in close proximity to any safety fences.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras can help a lot when it comes to theft. If you position them correctly to be viewed where equipment and tools are located, you can maximize your security. The security cameras can notify you if there is any type of movement happening in the area.

Have Locked Buildings

If you have a building that you can have on-site that locks, it can deter people from stealing items. The building can store all loose tools and materials. At the end of the workday, crew members can put all the items inside of the building with a lock.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

When you are storing the valuable equipment, try to place it in an area that is not visible. If using a building that has windows, find an area that is out of sight from visibility. If it is not obviously seen, people will be less likely to break in.

Don’t Freely Talk About Equipment

When you talk to people about the equipment and tools that are on-site in your construction zone, it can entice them. If they do not know that the items are there, they won't have a reason to come looking for them. The fewer people who know about the type of tools, materials, and equipment that you have the better.

Use Tracking Devices

There are tracking devices that can be installed on heavy equipment and tools for construction sites. This can help it to be located in the instance that something is stolen. If you consider the cost of these items, it can save a lot of money by being able to find the stolen item.

Well Lit Areas

When a construction site is dark it makes it easier for people to steal. Even with security cameras, the dark can make it hard to identify people. If you keep your site well lit, it will turn thieves away.

Keep Records

There is a lot of equipment, materials, and tools that are required to run a successful construction site. It can be hard to keep up with everything and know if you are missing items. This can also give you something to show someone to help locate it. It is also the proof you need that the item belongs to you if it comes down to needing a police report.

security camera on a construction site.

Employees Steal Too

Most of the time theft is done by an outside source. But, that is not always the case. There are instances of employee theft. Security cameras on-site during working hours can help to put that to a stop.

If you think that you see another employee stealing, you should speak up. It can be anonymous and not point fingers back to you. Theft hurts the company as a whole. It affects many different aspects of it, such as the deadlines, profit, and benefits.

Plan Deliveries To Minimize Theft

One of the ways that employees can steal items is during deliveries. A good way to avoid this from happening is to plan deliveries for certain days and times. This way, someone can be supervising while items are being unloaded.

When people who plan to steal are being watched, they won’t have the opportunity to when being supervised closely. There are times that deliveries could be dropped off when no one is present. That leaves the items sitting out for anyone to walk away with. Timing them can prevent these issues from happening.

Controlling Exit And Entry Of The Construction Site

Construction zones benefit greatly from controlled entry and exit points. The reason that this helps so much is it will only allow individuals who need to be on-site through. People who don’t have the right to be on-site will not be allowed to enter.

It only opens up room for problems when unauthorized individuals are present. This gives them the opportunity to see what tools and equipment you have. Also, they will be able to see where you are storing items at night. By controlling the entry and exit of individuals you can cut down on the amount of traffic there is on your construction site.

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