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COVID-19 Worksite Safety Recommendations Toolbox Talk

Learn about how to keep a safe and secure jobsite during COVID-19.

COVID-19 Worksite Safety Talk

OSHA had issued workplace guidance for jobsites that are in operation during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and need to address appropriate control measures and possible containment of exposures.

It is important to recognize hazards and exposures through a proper risk assessment and provide education and training to supervisors and workers in the methods and procedures that have been developed for public and personnel protection.

While this guidance does not create any new regulatory or legal obligations, following the recommended procedures can protect workers, businesses, customers and, most importantly, the public, which includes family and friends.

  • Identify possible sources of exposure and track any known cases of infectious person(s) who are or may be assigned to the worksite.

  • Implement basic Infection Control Measures at each worksite or company location. This includes hand wash stations, hand sanitizer distribution and providing individual water bottles to prevent any cross contamination at common water kegs and break areas.

  • Create a social distancing protocol where appropriate and limit worker interactions with other trades and personnel to a minimum.

  • Develop, review and implement an overall infectious control measure policy and protocols for all employees to review and adhere to. This can include specific personal protective equipment, handwashing guidelines and disinfecting/housekeeping responsibilities.

  • Remind employees of sick leave policies, Family Medical Leave Act, Customer Workplace regulations and other company policies that may affect each worker. Remind workers of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that may be available to them during times of crisis and encourage them to use these resources that are available.

  • If appropriate, allow for flexible workhours and other measures that could limit employee interaction.

  • Implement the Hierarchy of Controls per OSHA regulations. Use Engineering, Administrative Controls, Safe Work Practices and appropriate PPE for employees and possible exposures.

As the current situation continues to develop, we encourage all workers to stay in contact with your employer and follow all guidance issued for worker protection. Each jobsite and work location may have unique challenges and must be addressed individually and in collaboration with other employers who are present on the jobsite.

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