Raken in the Field

The easiest way to collect data from the jobsite.

construction software for general contractors

Field management made easy

Raken is your new best friend in the field—it’s easy to use from any device, and there’s no training required so you can start using it right away.

Plus, all Raken reports are automatically stored in project folders. They’re safe and searchable, no binders required.

Daily Reports

Reduce paperwork

Complete your entire report while walking the jobsite throughout the day, so you don’t need to spend hours in the trailer after.

Time Cards

Eliminate double entry

Input hours for entire crews or individuals from the field in Raken. It automatically updates on all your devices and in the office.

Production Tracking

Improve visibility

Log time, materials installed, and equipment usage into Raken, then send it straight to the office for more insight into actual vs. budgeted progress.


Make jobsites safer

Pre-approved toolbox talks from the office will be waiting for you in your app, so you’ll know which ones to deliver and when.

Helping you do what you love

Raken helps take the pains of paperwork and inefficient reporting out of the equation to help you focus on doing your best work where it matters most.

Show the whole story

Keep those who aren’t on-site in the loop with visual progress updates. Take photos or videos with your phone and Raken will automatically add them to the Daily Report, project gallery, and real-time dashboard in the office. They’re searchable and stored in the cloud, which means you won’t have to endlessly scroll to find them.

Loved by the field

Check out what superintendents and foremen have to say about using Raken in the field.

The amount of time Raken saves our guys really contributes to their quality of life... They can get in, get their daily reports done, and go see their families. Rich Delacy, Project Superintendent

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