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Watch how Raken makes tracking time faster in the field and payroll processing faster in the office.

The Fastest Way to Track Time

Tasks created in Raken are mostly used as a tool to communicate with team members and subcontractors. They can also be used as a punch list, a to-do list or a list of reminders.


Welcome to Raken Time Cards, the fastest way to track hours in the field and streamline payroll in the office. We heard that our customers were already using work logs to track hours, so we went in and beefed it up. Now you can add hours by individual or crew- just tap a person's name and put in their hours for the day- if they've worked more than eight hours, just tap split hours and Raken automatically divvies up the time between regular over time and double time. You can allocate hours to a cost code or split the time between cost codes. Add a description of what happened during those hours and you're all set- you can even check out the totals for each person. Working with crews is just is easy. Just add workers to your crew and then you can bulk edit their hours. You can even split hours and cost codes for the entire crew. if one person worked a little longer, just tap their name to make an individual change.

Raken Time Cards is full of other features that make tracking time easier than ever. Roll over days for individuals, add crews who are working on the same cost codes, then go in and make individual edits, export timecards and cost code reports from every site into a single standardized time sheet to streamline payroll processing in the office. all this and more is waiting for you in Raken.

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