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Tired of wasting time on Daily Reports? With Raken, you can quickly create professional daily reports via any Apple or Android device.


Building stuff- that's what constructions is all about. It's not about daily reports. those things, they're a huge waste of time. I mean it's great being compliant and all but seriously, you probably spend more than an hour every day on paperwork. Do you enjoy all that paperwork? Well, we sure don't. That's why we made Raken- a simple, straightforward mobile app for daily reports. Need to record what someone did today in a work log? Steel rebar delivery came in today? Snap a photo of it. The new guy dropped a load of bricks on his toe? Make a note of it. You input the data and Raken gives you a company-branded report that's available anywhere. Since Raken is mobile it's with you wherever you are on the job site, project managers can access key information in seconds on any device, no more using notepads and technology from the nineties. And, best of all, no more wasting time. Do less paperwork and more building with Raken.

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