New Feature: Equipment Management Just Got Easier

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Whether you use a rental supplier or your company has its own fleet, heavy equipment can cause major financial setbacks on any construction project. From backhoes to scissor lifts, excavators to bulldozers and beyond, heavy equipment is a jobsite staple—so how can you make sure you’re staying on top of your equipments’ whereabouts and usage?

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand new construction equipment management software. Now you can track information about equipment across all your projects and view it in one central location to ensure proper maintenance and avoid letting any machinery sit idle. By utilizing Raken’s newest feature, you can further keep track of your productivity while making sure you are maximizing the use of your owned and rented equipment.

What we built

With the new Equipment feature, you can keep track of owned or rented equipment on all of your projects. It allows you to:

  • Gain better visibility into where equipment is and whether or not it's being used
  • Eliminate unnecessary rental expenses and avoid potential contract disputes
  • Save time by reducing the need for manual data entry
  • Monitor engine hours more accurately for scheduling maintenance and avoiding unnecessary downtime
  • Capture more accurate and detailed insight into overall equipment costs
  • Create more competitive future bids by leveraging historical equipment usage data


How it helps you build

When companies log equipment usage on a weekly, monthly, or even project-by-project basis, it can be hard to assess whether or not the project will be profitable. The real-time visibility that our Equipment feature provides helps both the office and field ensure that projects will be completed on time and on budget. Traditionally, for both owned and rented equipment, supervisors in the field will document when a new piece of equipment arrives, and again when it is no longer needed on-site. As a smart tool for documenting usage, Raken Equipment makes it easier to stay on top of maintenance needs and rental timelines.


Equipment is a vital part of any construction project and, like any heavy machinery, construction equipment requires regular upkeep. By using Raken Equipment, you can easily keep track of how much a piece of equipment has been used and when it needs to be maintenanced. That way, you won’t spend money on needless repairs—or let small equipment issues grow into bigger ones.

Letting equipment sit idle on the jobsite is one of the quickest ways a project can lose money. Such a simple mistake can cause thousands of wasted dollars, and can easily be avoided with our new Equipment feature. When you search for equipment using specified cost codes, you can easily find the piece of machinery you’re looking for, and see which project is currently using it. If the equipment is logged as idle, you can save money by moving it to a jobsite where it’s needed.


Jobsite data from anywhere

As the third addition to our production tracking software, Equipment rounds out the suite of productivity tools that keep projects on time and on budget. Paired with Time Cards and Materials, Equipment gives you another leg up on project organization and productivity. Our mission has always been to streamline communication between the field and office. In the field, that means collecting better data and completing thorough reports in a matter of minutes. For the office, it’s being able to access the data from all their projects in one place to help make more informed decisions.

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