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close-up of construction worker's face on jobsite.

Mental Health in Construction: Breaking the Stigma

When you think of construction, “mental health” isn’t usually what comes to mind. Work is already stressful for most—but add in long hours, demanding tasks, and anxieties from...

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stacks of lumber on construction site.

The Lumber Shortage—and How It’s Affecting the Construction Industry

Lumber prices continue to rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How is it affecting the construction industry—and how can contractors better protect themselves? Let's take a look...

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Stack 1st Annual Preconstruction Technology Report book.

3 Things We Learned from STACK's Preconstruction Report

How does software continue to impact the construction industry (for the better)? We partnered with our friends at STACK Construction Technologies to find out. Industry insights...

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Women in Construction.

Celebrating Women Who Are Paving the Way in Construction

As this year’s Women in Construction Week wraps, we’ve been reflecting on how proud we are to work with (and support) women in the industry. According to this report published...

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2021 Winner - Silver Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year.

Raken Wins Stevie Award for Customer Service

Raken is thrilled to announce that we are a 2021 Silver Stevie Award winner for Customer Service Department of the Year! The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are the...

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Construction worker walking through half-constructed building.

5 Ways Transitioning from Fieldlens to Raken Can Improve Your Workflow

With Fieldlens going through changes, you may be looking for new construction software. (Maybe even dreading it.) Raken’s low implementation time—and high ease of use—will have...

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Construction worker using mobile phone on jobsite.

Choosing the Best Construction Software for the Field

The world of construction tech is ever-changing—and companies who successfully utilize this tech are able to streamline their processes and continuously increase their bottom...

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Key insights for purchasing construction software.

Key Insights for Purchasing Construction Software

How is construction software selected? Which factors matter most in the decision? We recently teamed up with Martec to find the answers to these burning questions (and more)...

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construction hats and safety vests on rack.

Experts Weigh in on the Construction Labor Shortage

It's no secret that the United States construction industry has been experiencing a labor shortage for around a decade. According to Yahoo Finance, there are around 350,000...

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two construction workers on jobsite with ladders.

Celebrating National Construction Appreciation Week

This week, September 16-20, is National Construction Appreciation Week. I Build America , the United State's leading organization for promoting the value of the construction...

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aerial view of hoover dam.

Made in the USA: Five Iconic Construction Projects in American History

A while back, we wrote about 10 incredible feats in construction history . Today, in honor of U.S. Independence Day, we've compiled a list of some top construction projects in...

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top 10 construction companies in the us.

Top 10 Construction Companies in the USA

There are a lot of construction firms in the United States, but who ranks among the top 10 construction companies? 10. Bechtel Group Inc., San Francisco, CA One of the world's...

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