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Top Tips for Collecting Real-Time Data from the Jobsite


Posted on March 8th, 2021

construction worker collecting data on the construction jobsite with tablet.

In the construction industry, real-time jobsite data is key to improving your projects. Valuable insights from your data will help you see where you can boost your efficiency the most.

Here are our top tips for collecting real-time data from all your jobsites.

Identify what field data you need to collect

You know you want to start collecting real-time data from the jobsite. But what kind of field data do you need? What documentation is possible?

Start your efforts by identifying the types of data you want your field crews to send. That way, you know what to look for in a potential solution.

Common types of field data include:

  • Daily reports

  • Production tracking

  • Safety compliance

Daily reports cover everything that happened at the construction site. Within production tracking, you have equipment logs, time cards, and materials installed. Safety compliance includes things like toolbox talks, safety checklists, and quality inspections.

Gaining more visibility into your projects will help you clearly identify any areas to improve. What do you want to see more (and less) of at your jobsites? It’s essential to define your goals at the start to ensure you collect the best field data possible—and, as a result, make more informed decisions.

Make it easy for field crews to log data

Once you define the field data to collect, you can begin your search for ways to boost your team’s operational efficiency.

Construction companies are leaning more and more into technology to get their work done. Technology (like construction software or apps) offers more flexibility for field crews. With easy-to-use features and a cleaner way to document everything, they’ll do their work better and get home to their families faster. Plus, giving them the ability to record and send data while they’re walking the jobsite helps ensure you’ll actually receive the data, no paper or remembering required.

To help save your field crews even more time, look for construction software that comes with a mobile app (like Raken).

From Raken’s mobile app, crews can:

  • Complete daily reports (and upload notes or attachments)

  • Log important production data

  • Automatically capture weather conditions

  • Complete safety checklists

  • Access toolbox talks (and sign digital attendance sheets)

When choosing new construction software, be sure to involve your crews from the start. Ask them questions about how work is going—and how work could be better. Learning their needs early on will help you find a solution that works for everyone. Plus, earlier buy-in means a better chance they’ll pick up (and approve of) your new software.

Streamline how field data is sent to the office

Making it easy to log data from the field is one thing. But making sure that jobsite data gets back to the office is another.

Luckily, technology streamlines office workflows, too. Construction software sends the data your field crews upload straight to the office. That means less manual entry and human error for everyone.

construction office worker on computer.

With software, gone are the days of tracking loose paper documents and interpreting messy handwriting. Instead, your project data will be more accurate, in less time, than ever.

Store all your jobsite data in one place

Documentation is important—so is storing it in one place.

Digital field data lets you quickly access (and send) your records whenever you need. Real-time visibility into your progress makes it easier to notice trends—and what can improve. You’ll also have powerful evidence in the case of litigation or inevitable disputes.

Keep looking for ways to improve the process

After you find a construction solution that works for you, make sure to get feedback from your crews. See how your team likes their new workflows. How can they work even more efficiently? What other technologies (like integrations) can you add to build your tech stack?

Revisit your workflows and processes often. Let your teams know their feedback is important and will be taken seriously as well. Their feedback will help guide you to find the ultimate construction software and work better together—on and off the jobsite.

Start collecting real-time data with Raken

Raken’s construction software will help you streamline communication between the field and the office. That way, you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your projects—and you can act fast to keep them on track.

Let’s talk about how Raken can work best for your business in a personalized demo. (You can even try us out free.)

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