How to Create a Construction Daily Report

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Superintendents and project managers usually have to include daily reports among their usual tasks. While reports aren't much fun to write, they're important documents, and increasingly, not an option. In addition to the Federal government, many states now require construction firms to submit various reports on a daily basis.

Beyond being a requirement for many public clients, daily reports can help superintendents, project managers, and firm CEOs monitor a project over time, get guidance for future projects, and protect themselves in litigation actions. And today's construction software, like Raken's for daily reporting, results in consistent, accurate reports, that allow for the inclusion of photographs and real time editing and collaboration to enhance and update them. But although technological tools like Raken make it easier and quicker to do reports than ever before, given the importance of these documents, there are certain ways in which these reports should be presented, regardless of what format is used to create them.

What A Daily Report for Construction Sites Should Be: A correctly done report is an accurate, factual document reflecting work at a site on a day by day basis. It should be able to be read and understood by parties from various backgrounds. It should be written in a neutral, just the facts style. Photographs may be included, provided that they pertain directly to the report. Weather, traffic, etc. reports can be included with the main report provided that they had direct bearing on the events of that day. Typical construction daily reports include:

  • Project information
  • Weather information
  • Log of daily manpower
  • Subcontractor hours worked by each crew
  • Employee hours
  • Site safety observations
  • Quality control observations
  • Progress photos

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How Digital Technology Can Help Create The Right Report Format Raken‘s reporting software allows for real time, properly formatted construction site reports that can easily be edited and accessed from Android and iOS powered devices. Project managers and superintendents can create multiple report files within Raken for various projects, and access them with a tab format. Once within these individual reports, files can be broken down into manpower, survey, tasks, etc. categories, and these can further be customized with appropriate graphics and photographs. These documents can then be stored for up to ten years with cloud technology, and can easily be accessed from storage.

So while report writing will never be “fun”, Raken’s construction daily log software provides firms with more accurate, professional documents, that can be produced quickly and shared easily, allowing more time to devote to the more enjoyable aspects of construction work.

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