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Manpower Reports in Construction


Posted on August 26th, 2017

Manpower reports.

For busy contractors, manpower reporting can be a time-consuming task each day on the jobsite.

Learn about the importance of manpower reports in construction and discover how Raken streamlines the process for creating and sharing them.

What are manpower reports?

Manpower reports are a type of construction report that documents how a business’s workforce is allocated each day. While daily manpower report format may vary, the total number of hours worked, the number of workers, and the description of work performed across each jobsite are commonly included.

Manpower reports help construction companies visualize the day’s work logs in a single document. They can use manpower reports to monitor project schedules, support payroll, and keep employees and subcontractors on track.  

Contractor manpower reporting requirements

OSHA requires construction companies that meet specific criteria to submit a summary of injury and illness incidents on a yearly basis. To calculate their rate of incidents, a business can use manpower reports to determine the number of hours employees worked across all pay periods and compare it to the number of incidents.

Similarly, manpower reports can help calculate a business’s experience modification rate, or EMR. This is a statistic that compares the amount of insurance claims against work hours. EMR iis used by insurance companies to determine risk and is sometimes used by project owners to vet companies in the bidding stage of a project.

Manpower reports are also essential for many general contractors who need to submit reports detailing all subcontractor work hours to the project owner.

What’s the correct way to format a manpower report?

The most important thing to remember when choosing a format for manpower reports is clarity. The correct manpower report format will clearly demonstrate who was on which jobsite each day and show at a glance the work they completed.

Daily manpower reports are typically created in Excel as a spreadsheet, organized into rows and columns breaking down all work logs by day and by each specific entry. Manually completing manpower reports this way takes a significant amount of time and leaves plenty of room for error. 

Many construction companies invest in software solutions that automate contractor manpower reporting, reducing the need for manual data entry. Manpower reporting software syncs data from daily reports, safety and quality checklists, time cards, and other sources to instantly create manpower reports in Excel that provide clear, real-time insights.

Manpower reports in Raken

If you’re already using Raken, you know how easy it is to collect detailed data from the jobsite with our mobile app. Our digital field management tools simplify daily reports, time and production tracking, and more.

And, with our manpower reporting software, you can view manpower insights across all projects right in our web app or export all your work log data from Raken directly into Excel.

Here’s the main benefits of using Raken for manpower reports:

  • Easy filtering for a specific project or time frame

  • Subcontractor reports included

  • No more manual notes or Excel entries

  • Automatic easy-to-read format

  • No additional data collection

  • Simple payroll processing

The best part? You can use Raken to publish manpower reports as a part of your daily reporting workflow.

How to create a manpower report in Raken

Creating a daily construction manpower report using Raken is quick and easy. 

1. Start the report process

How to create a construction manpower report in Raken.

Log in to our web app and navigate to a project. Click on the arrow next to the blue Report button in the top right of the page, and select Manpower from the drop down menu.

2. Select the desired timeframe

construction manpower reporting tool.

In the popup window, choose to include manpower data from the entire project or a specific date range.

3. Include collaborators

Use the checkbox to choose whether or not you want to include collaborator data in the manpower report.

4. Choose recipients and download the report.

Add email addresses for report recipients and click Send. A link to download your Excel report will be sent to your inbox.

Need more help? See our support article.

Raken Manpower reports are only available to performance users.

How Raken makes manpower reporting easier

Don’t waste valuable work hours manually copying data you’ve already collected into Excel. Let Raken do the hard work with mobile reporting tools and automated manpower report generation. Schedule a personalized demo to see how it works and learn more about our construction management solutions.

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