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New Integration: Raken + Points North


Posted on December 9th, 2020

New Integration: Raken & Points North.

Our newest integration with Points North provides stress-free payroll processing—by turning your Raken data into certified payroll reports.

Maximizing your efficiency just got easier.

Streamline your payroll with generated reports

Certified Payroll Reporting by Points North is the solution of choice for any contractor or construction company working with prevailing wages. Their full-service compliance solution automates the production of certified reports.

With this integration, you can turn your Raken time card data into:

  1. Prevailing wage calculations and reports

  2. Federal, state, and municipal report formats

How does it work? First, you import your Raken data directly into the Certified Payroll Processing® system from Points North. From there, you can generate (and access) reports in any of the listed formats. It’s that easy.

screenshots of Raken's integration With Points North.

Get more accurate, certified payroll reports in less time—without manual entries or calculations.

How to integrate Raken with Points North

Ready for more efficient payroll processing? Check out our support article to get started. (Pro or Performance plan required.)

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