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Raken Department Spotlight: Customer Success


Posted on June 16th, 2021

Meet the Raken Team: Customer Success.

We’re turning the spotlight on all the departments here at Raken! To start, we're highlighting our Customer Success team for their philosophy, what motivates them, and how they stay connected.

Fun Facts About Our Customer Success Team

Infographic of Fun Facts About Raken Customer Success Team.

It’s all in the name.

What does it mean to work in customer success? Putting every customer (and their journey) first—at every turn.

To the team, a customer is successful when they deliver projects safely, on time, and under budget. Our customer success team members go above and beyond to do just that. In fact, they recently won a Silver Stevie Award for their customer service.

The department is split into separate initiatives: Support, Onboarding, Key Accounts, Operations and CS Leadership. Each person on the team, no matter their role, is carefully selected and trained up to fit the philosophy of putting the customer first. They strive to become better, faster, and stronger in delivering value to our customers every day.

Building up customers—and each other.

Like the construction industry, our CS team is made up of people from all walks of life. The one thing that bridges everyone together? A love for helping others reach their full potential—including their team members.

When a new CSM comes along, they’re welcomed with open arms. (And plenty of interactive training sessions.)

They have a detailed, multi-week training map for new teammates that involves a lot of shadowing, tons of questions, and some good natured fun to get the new team members acclimated.

Our CS team is unique by design. Each person brings their own experiences to the table, allowing them to relate to (and help) our customers even more.

Having people who came from construction, marketing, restaurants and hotels, school administration, retail, ministry, etc. helps us provide the best possible interactions, support, and care—all while establishing life-long relationships.

“It takes a certain kind of selflessness to be in the CS world, as a supermajority of our energy is devoted to elevating others,” said Betzi Nimeth, Raken’s Customer Support Lead.

One team, one family.

There’s more to the CS team than just work, though. Beyond the Slack channels and weekly department meetings, they make time to kick back and enjoy each other’s company.

That means monthly happy hours (either on Zoom or safely outdoors). They even have a CS playlist that they each submit songs to, so they can rock out together through music.

Raken’s CS team has a strong family atmosphere, and everyone on the team is heavily invested in one another’s successes and general happiness. There’s also no shortage of inside jokes and general tomfoolery—it keeps the team strong, connected, and fresh.

Want to join the Raken team?

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