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Simplify Payroll with Timesheet Approvals


Posted on May 10th, 2021

screenshot of timesheet approvals in Raken.

Processing accurate and timely payroll is essential for any construction business.

We built Time Cards to make it easy to collect time data from the field. After listening to feedback from our customers, we’re excited to introduce a new feature to further streamline payroll processing: Timesheet Approvals.

Review, approve, and lock time cards in one place.

With Timesheet Approvals, payroll teams can:

  • Identify which time entries need to be reviewed and approved.

  • Verify hours are accurate, approved, and allocated to the correct job and cost code.

  • See who submitted, changed, and approved each time card.

To protect against any last-minute edits, we’ve also added time card locking. Once a time card is approved, only admins (or managers with appropriate permissions) can edit it. This gives you better control over your payroll data—and reassures you that nothing is altered.

Importing your time data from Raken into your payroll system is easy, too. Less manual data entry means more time back in your day.

Already using Raken? Get started with Timesheet Approvals here.

New to Raken? See how our Time Card features work.

With Raken, collecting and approving time data is faster than ever. From the mobile app, field supervisors can fill out time cards for their crews. Then, you receive all time cards in one place—making them easy to approve and import into your payroll system.

You’ll also gain access to our daily reports, production tracking, and more.

To see it in action, schedule a demo with us today. All demos come with a free trial.

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