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How Raken + Sage 100 Contractor Help Central Plumbing Save Time and Reduce Payroll Errors

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Central Plumbing was founded by Kenneth Derr in 1980, and today this family-run business is in its fourth generation. Providing commercial plumbing services and site utility work to the Kansas City, MO region, Central Plumbing’s commitment to quality stands apart from the competition.

The problem: Too much manual data entry

Before integrating Raken and Sage 100 Contractor, Central Plumbing’s Accounts Payable administrator Shannon Dowers spent a significant amount of time each week processing payroll. Employees submitted handwritten time cards, which she would manually enter into the Sage 100 Contractor accounting system.

The Solution: Automation of repetitive tasks

Through seamless data sharing, Raken’s integration with Sage 100 Contractor simplifies Central Plumbing’s payroll process and reduces repetitive tasks. Shannon no longer needs to translate and manually enter information from paper time cards. Employees track time digitally, and all information is automatically shared between the integrated systems.

Now, Shannon can focus on reviewing and approving time card data instead of spending hours on manual data entry.

Faster, easier, more accurate payroll

For Central Plumbing, the biggest benefit of using Raken and Sage 100 Contractor together is saved time. Field crews frequently track time to multiple tasks on the same job each day, so Shannon would have to duplicate the job on a separate line for every cost code.

“Everything had to be entered line by line, including regular time, overtime, premium time, vacations, and sick time. Any of that, I had to manually enter,” Shannon says. Now, with the integration, she saves about two and a half hours—maybe more—every week.

Beyond payroll: Increasing visibility on every project

When Central Plumbing first turned to Raken, they were searching for a third-party solution to help manage daily reporting and safety monitoring on the jobsite. “We have so many jobs, we can’t be in every place at one time,” Shannon says.

Central Plumbing needed a way to give project managers, owners, and other stakeholders who can’t always be onsite better visibility into day-to-day progress.

After trying different software solutions for 2 years or so, they found what they had been looking for in Raken. Their field crews use Raken to report on daily progress, take jobsite photos, monitor safety concerns, and record hours worked via iPad.

Just like payroll, Raken makes daily reporting faster, easier, and more accurate. Our digital tools help Central Plumbing’s busy staff stay on top of tasks and share important updates.

And, thanks to the integration, any relevant information Central Plumbing’s employees submit through our daily reporting and time tracking app is automatically shared with Sage 100.

Save more time with Raken and Sage 100

Our integration with Sage 100 Contractor helps Central Plumbing work more efficiently and effectively—and it could help your company save time, too.

Learn more about this integration, or schedule a demo today to see how our plumbing contractor software can make your company’s payroll more efficient than ever before.

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