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With some of the most expensive real estate in the U.S., San Jose and the surrounding Palo Alto and Mountain View neighborhoods present a challenge for any general contractor. It's also a scenario that the Maurice Agrillo company has been able to successfully navigate for over 30 years. However, just because they've been in business for that long doesn't necessarily mean that it's always been smooth sailing. One of the hard lessons David Ingram, Supervisor and Reports Administrator for Maurice Agrillo, had to learn was how to make capturing information in the field smoother.

Why Pen-and-Paper Construction Reports Don't Work

Ingram needed information critical to the business but was mired down by inefficient pen-and-paper processes that might sound familiar. "I worked with a daily diary basically. I had done that for 24 years. It was a weekly journal of what my crew and I were doing, with a description, all by hand," says Ingram. "At the end of the week, I would send that to stakeholders. I'd get home and be writing stuff out, minimum an hour, usually two, sometimes three. I'd also transfer accounting and time card info and I'd be done sometimes at nine o'clock at night. First, I'm writing it in my journal, then I'm typing it into the program, then I'd type my own words into the invoice program."

Raken has streamlined the administration process of our company.

David Ingram

Streamlining Construction Administration

Ingram tried multiple programs before he settled on Raken to help streamline the reporting process. "With Raken, I'm good to go much faster," says Ingram. "Raken has everything I wanted in a daily reporting app. For example, I can send reports to my partner quickly: I don't have to give him an update during the day or at the end of the week because he's on the daily report automatic mailing list. Sometimes when we're working across the country he'll see a photo in Raken from the site that day and call to ask about what he's seeing. Raken has streamlined our communication because he sees what I see every day."

I don't have to spend more than ten minutes at my laptop looking at the pictures in Raken to know what's happening on site. It's not the multiple hours I was doing before.

David Ingram

Greater Visibility into Construction Projects

Since implementing Raken, Ingram has brought the following benefits to the company:

- Faster information-capture with a field-focused design.
- Visibility into projects with automatic emailing.
- Eliminating redundant processes with a single-source reporting app and storage database.

Above all, Ingram has seen a major improvement in the amount of time he spends on his reports. "I don't have to spend more than 10 minutes at my laptop looking at the pictures in Raken to know what's happening on site," says Ingram, "it wasn't that hour or hour and a half I was doing before."

Raken in a Design-Build Environment

How Ingram and his team have used Raken was especially useful for us because it showed that Raken can be adapted to various situations, and no matter what size your operation is you can still benefit from visibility into the construction site. Ingram shaved a two, sometimes three hour process at the end of the day down to minutes. With that added time he can be back in the field contributing to Maurice Agrillo's amazing success in one of the toughest markets around.

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