Construction Quality Control Checklist

Use this checklist to proactively ensure quality standards for the project are being met and that anything that does not meet the specifications is addressed.

Question Response Type
1. What area and scope is being inspected? Text Answer
2. Are submittals related to the work approved? Yes No N/A
3. If no, what submittals are outstanding? Text Answer
4. Is the work complete? Yes No N/A
5. Does the work meet the standards and specifications required? Yes No N/A
6. If no, what specific scope does not meet the standards or specifications? Text Answer
7. Are there any defects associated with the install? Yes No N/A
8. Has the work been inspected? Yes No N/A
9. If no, when is the inspection scheduled? Text Answer
10. Check if the scope of work has passed this Quality Control Inspection Checkbox

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