Crane Inspection Checklist

Crane erection and operation are dangerous tasks that can have severe consequences to those performing the tasks. Use this checklist to mitigate risk while operating a crane.

Question Response Type
1. Please indicate the area of work. Text Answer
2. Is the airspace above the crane pick zone clear of any overhead obstructions? Yes No N/A
3. If no, what measures are being taken to ensure that the crane can maintain a safe clearance from obstructions? Text Answer
4. Will any material or equipment loads cross over occupied space, paths of travel or restricted areas? Yes No N/A
5. If so, what measures are being taken to ensure the safety of those located within the occupied space or path of travel? Text Answer
6. Is the ground surface rated and able to withstand the crane reaction forces? Yes No N/A
7. Have all personnel involved with crane operations had their certifications checked? (ie operators, riggers, signal men, etc.) Yes No N/A
8. Has all rigging equipment been inspected to ensure they are in good working condition? (ie no visible damage, exposed red fibers, cuts, burns, etc.) Yes No N/A

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