Ladder Inspection Checklist

Ladders are a leader in causing injuries on construction projects. This checklist a reference to ensure safe use of ladders.

Question Response Type
1. Have all other access options been explored and deemed impossible? ie. Scaffold, scissor lift, etc. Yes No N/A
2. Has the height of work area been verified to ensure the ladder is the adequate height ? Yes No N/A
3. Is the ladder in good condition? ie. no signs of damage, denting or missing hardware? Yes No N/A
4. Have all obstructions on the ground been removed to ensure the ladder is set on level groud? Yes No N/A
5. Does the task allow for 3 points of contact to the ladder at all times? If no, please explain. Yes No N/A
6. If response to answer 5 is no, please explain. Text Answer
7. Are there other activities or equipment in the area that could impact the ladder location? If so, have other workers been notified? Yes No N/A

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