Roofing Safety Checklist

Roofing work creates unique hazards and concerns that can have significant impacts on any project. This checklist is to serve as a reference for minimizing risk and safety hazards associated with roofing work.

Question Response Type
1. Have all crews working on roof been made aware of the weather forecast? Yes No N/A
2. Are there any loose materials that could be moved in the case of high winds? Yes No N/A
3. Are all roof openings clearly marked and identified with danger tape for all personnel to see and acknowledge? Yes No N/A
4. Are there any roof openings that could allow water to enter the building? Yes No N/A
5. If yes, what measures have been taken to mitigate water intrusion? Text Answer
6. Is any work being performed next to the leading edge of the building or around a fall hazard? Yes No N/A
7. If yes, do all personnel working within the area have Personall Fall Arrest Systems? Yes No N/A

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