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5 Essential Workflows for Construction Management

Learn how to streamline these five workflows with construction software.

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Table of Contents

1. Why construction management matters

In this section, we explain why construction management is so important.

We take a deep look at the Big Dig in Boston, Massachusetts.

The 1991 project was an ambitious way to tackle Boston's heavy traffic problem. However, due to inefficient management, the Big Dig had many project delays and extra costs. It cost Boston huge amounts of time and money-though, thankfully, traffic has reduced since.

With better project management strategies, Boston could've stayed on schedule and within budget.

Why? Because more visibility makes it easier to track quality and costs, mitigate risk, and improve communication.

2. Five essential construction workflows

Next, we describe what we learned about workflows from some of the most successful companies in construction.

Communication between the field and the office is essential to maintaining a project's schedule and budget.

These five workflows help give companies cleaner, more accurate documentation:

  1. Time cards
  2. Toolbox talks
  3. Production tracking
  4. Daily reports
  5. Digital checklists

What do these workflows have in common? They can all be managed with construction software.

Construction software makes it easier to document project information from the field-including quality, safety, and daily updates. More project visibility (and less errors from manual entry) means better decision-making.

With everything stored online, you can easily access project information whenever you need. Making for solid evidence, proof, and protection in the case of a dispute.

3. How to modernize your workflows

Lastly, we emphasize the importance of choosing software that's easy to use in the field.

In fact, ease of use is one of the main features construction companies look for in software. That's because all project data comes from the field. And, the easier it is to document something, the more likely it'll be documented.

Raken's software was built with the field in mind.

Our mobile app lets your crews fill out daily reports, time cards, equipment data, and safety checklists in less time. They can also access toolbox talks and complete digital sign-in sheets.

Then, that project data is sent back to the office in a downloadable PDF that's easy to read (and share). All so you can make the best decisions for your projects.

Ready to streamline your workflows with Raken?

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