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Get a toolbox talk sign-in sheet template

Download this free construction safety meeting sign in sheet to help track attendance for your next toolbox talk—and learn how software can help.

Download the free safety meeting sign-in sheet template

Fill out the form to download our printable safety meeting sign in sheet. We’ll also email you a copy.

Get our safety talk sign-in sheet!

Using this toolbox talk attendance sheet

List the project, date, instructor, and toolbox talk topic. Then, have employees print and sign their names to confirm attendance. Finally, deliver this safety meeting attendance sheet to the office for record keeping.

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Toolbox Talk Sign-In Sheet FAQs

A toolbox talk sign-in sheet (also called an attendance sheet, sign off sheet, or attendance register), is a form used to record the time, date, topic, and attendees of a toolbox talk. The sign-in sheet is an important piece of safety documentation as it provides proof that the safety meeting actually occurred and which employees were present for it.

A toolbox talk sign-in sheet helps document attendance and keep a consistent record of toolbox talk dates and subject matters for easy reference. That way, you avoid giving duplicate talks when choosing future topics and also help protect your company against potential litigation by proving you've made the effort to provide ongoing safety training on a regular basis. Read our Ultimate Guide to Toolbox Talks for more info.

You can download our toolbox talk sign-in sheet for free as a PDF. After printing it out, fill in the project, date, instructor, and toolbox talk topic. After the talk is given, have employees pass around the sign-in sheet so everyone can print and sign their names. You can either take a photo of the attendance sheet and email it, or deliver it in person to the office for record keeping.

Capture digital signatures in the field with our mobile toolbox talk app

Browse our toolbox talk topic library, bulk schedule safety talks for your projects, then deliver them and track attendance in Raken. Pass around the phone or tablet to collect digital signatures that get sent straight to the office.

  • Track toolbox talk attendance right on your mobile device

  • Digitally complete the attendance sheet and automatically include it in your daily report

  • Improve safety documentation on the jobsite

Check out Raken's toolbox talk software, or schedule a demo below.

digital sign in sheet feature in Raken app.

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