Common Unsafe Behaviors in Construction Safety Toolbox Talk

Review some common but unsafe behaviors and educate your crew on how to prevent accidents that happen due to those unsafe behaviors.

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Common Unsafe Behaviors in Construction

Having a safe workplace is the main priority of all businesses. The unsafe behaviors of employees are the result of many injuries, fatalities, and property loss that happens. It is important that all employees want to follow the rules and guidelines that have been set in place for them. Working safely is one of the only ways to avoid many of these instances.

According to documentation from the PA Training For Health & Safety, the majority of the injuries and fatalities that happen in the workplace are the fault of the employee not following guidelines. All employees need to have a want for safety and want to follow the rules. This is one of the only ways to avoid unnecessary incidents in the workplace.

Unsafe Behaviors On The Jobsite

Employees who do not follow guidelines and rules that are set in place for their safety are at higher risk for injuries to themselves or others. There are many instances that can and will happen when an employee is negligent to the rules. Here is a shortlist of some of the most common problems that can occur at work when guidelines are not followed.

Performing Tasks Outside Your Training

There are proper training and certifications that employees need to obtain in order to perform certain jobs. If you choose to go outside of your qualifications, you are putting the workplace at risk. They are at risk for a job not done correctly, you get injured, or you injuring someone else. It is always important to stay within your work qualifications for optimum safety while on the job.

Not Wearing Personal Protective Equipment

Different jobs that are done on the job require PPE to be worn for safety. Neglecting to wear the proper equipment and safety gear while working can result in injuries. These items are required to avoid contamination, injury, or harm to you.

Trying To Multitask

Employees should also stay 100% focused on the job that they are doing. If you are operating major equipment. Items such as the cellphone should be avoided and not partaking in horseplay while you are operating these types of machinery are important. The correct type of safety precautions should be taken as well to ensure your safety. Always wear seat belts and other safety harnesses that are provided to you.

How To Be Safe On The Jobsite

When you are working in a warehouse, construction site, or manufacturing plant it is important to always follow the safety rules that have been set in place. Neglecting to follow them can result in injury to yourself or others. You have to think of the others around you as well as yourself. Some of the ways that you can avoid unsafe behaviors are:

Be A Role Model

You have the choice to be the person who sets an example of how a good employee should act. It can be so easy to want to cut up, play around, or get lazy when you are working. Doing your best to stay in check and be as safe as possible can help others to do the same.

Hold Yourself Accountable

You have the ability to make a difference if you want to. Being responsible and holding yourself to a higher standard can help to avoid harmful behaviors at work. When people get lazy and not caring are the most common times that injuries happen.

Don’t Slack Off

Safe behaviors in the workplace are the only way to avoid negligent injuries from happening. There are times when people are going to get injured from a pure accident. The ones that happen when unsafe behaviors are happening can be avoided though. A lot of the time, those accidents that happen, involve or affect more than just one person.

Injuries that happen when employees are being unsafe reflect negatively on the workplace. You should always try and be the most responsible and safe that you can be. Especially, when you are working in an area with large machinery that can so easily cause harm when not used in the right manner.

Common Unsafe Behaviors In Construction

When employees make unsafe decisions and don’t follow protocol, injuries and harm can happen. To avoid these instances from happening, there should always be attention shown to the rules. Some of the most common occurrences of unsafe behaviors are:

  • Not Using Proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Proper PPE is advised to keep you safe and protected while at work.
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Incorrectly - All PPE should be worn correctly to protect you the way it is designed to.
  • Not Using Caution and Responsibility When Operating Heavy Machinery - Operating machinery at the right speeds and the way it was intended to be run is required for safety.
  • Operating Machinery That You Are Not Authorized To - Proper training is needed for machinery to ensure you know the safe ways to use it.
  • Using Broken Equipment or Equipment That Needs Maintenance - If machinery is broken or in need of maintenance it is advised to not use it, to avoid a bigger problem or injury.
  • Not Using Safety Equipment Correctly (Seatbelts, Safety Glasses, and ECT.) - If safety equipment is not worn in the right manner it can not protect you the way it was designed to.
  • Not Using Safety Equipment At All (Seatbelts, Safety Glasses, and ECT.) - Not wearing the safety equipment at all can result in you being injured in the case of an accident.
  • Performing Tasks You Are Not Qualified For - Proper training and certifications are needed to perform certain tasks on the job, and if you perform them without it, you are risking harm to you and others.
  • Poor Housekeeping of The Work Areas - Dirty floors, cluttered work areas, and spills should always be cleaned promptly to avoid slips, trips, and falls.
  • Not Making Emergency Exits Visible - All employees should always know where all emergency exits are and they should always be visible to them.
  • Too Many Workers In One Area At A Time - When there is congestion in the workplace it can cause unsafe working conditions and a greater risk for injuries or accidents.
  • It is so important to always pay full attention to the safety guidelines that are put into place. They are carefully thought of and put into place for a reason. Failure to comply will only result in injury to yourself or others. All employees should take full responsibility for themselves and do their best to do their job in the safest manner possible.

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