Best Construction Apps to Try in 2022

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Best Construction Apps to Try in 2022

While the years come and go, the need for construction technology holds strong. Projects are happening everywhere, and with increasing challenges like labor shortages and material delays, communication (and the ability to streamline) is key to staying on track now.

Here are six innovative construction apps and technologies for your construction business to try in 2022 for saving time, effort, and money.

1. EarthCam


EarthCam is a global leader in webcam content, technology and services. Their Control Center 8 platform is mobile-friendly—and helps industry leaders with smart project documentation, monitoring, and security. Using powerful visual data powered by AI, EarthCam gives contractors access to live streaming video, time-lapse construction cameras, and reality capture solutions. They’ve documented over a trillion dollars of projects around the world, creating over 270,000 timelapse videos in 2021 alone like this one:

2. Egnyte


Egnyte is a modern content sharing platform that specializes in cybersecurity. With award-winning data security, automated ransomware detection and recovery, and built-in compliance and audits, Egnyte helps streamline your construction projects—from design through closeout—by keeping all of your teams in sync. Egnyte provides a fast, easy and secure solution to all your file sharing needs that is fully cloud-native and works seamlessly across common industry file types and cloud apps.

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3. Extracker


Extracker is the construction industry’s only change order communication platform. They help contractors transform manual workflows by connecting companies outside of their internal financial software—and resolve change orders in real time. Along with a collaborative cloud-based log, Extracker has digital time and material tags, standardized change order templates, trackable change notifications, and more.

4. Document Crunch


Document Crunch is a web-based, AI-powered document review tool that quickly finds important revisions in construction documents. From construction contracts and insurance policies to plans/specifications, contractors will get extra context to better understand (and manage) their risks.

5. Curri


Curri is an on-demand construction delivery service with flatbeds, trucks, and cars for Hotshots and Daily Routes. They specialize in building materials, so contractors get the right vehicle for every delivery. As a smart delivery solution (and subscription-free service), Curri helps with last-mile deliveries—that way, skilled labor can stay on-site and complete projects on time.

6. Newmetrix


Newmetrix combines the best of human and artificial intelligence to reduce jobsite risk and overall project cost. Using more than 14 centuries of incident data and millions of construction images, Newmetrix’s AI can identify indicators of risk, rank projects by risk, and predict which 20% of projects will have 80% of incidents in the following week. With Newmetrix, construction businesses can reduce incident rates, improve their bottom line, and negotiate better insurance terms.

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The bottom line? Construction technology is constantly improving and innovating, and solutions like these (and Raken) can help your company for years to come.


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