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Cloud Storage for Construction—and How it Improves Project Visibility


Posted on August 17th, 2021

Logos of cloud storage software Raken integrates with.

Project data is critical to the construction industry. With it, businesses know exactly how a project is going—and can make more informed decisions to improve production. When documents are stored in the cloud, project management is easier, too.

Here’s why cloud storage is worth it, and how to choose the best cloud computing software for your business.

What’s documentation like in the construction industry?

Documentation varies among construction firms. After all, there’s a lot of technology designed to help workers communicate on the go.

A typical documentation system (without construction software) may include:

  • Pen and paper reports

  • Text message threads

  • Back-and-forth emails

  • Manual spreadsheets

While some construction companies use construction management software, the majority stick with these methods to document and manage jobsite progress.

But are there downsides to having different communication channels (like emails and text messages)?

What are some current problems with project data storage?

When you communicate with teams in different ways, your project data is stored in different places. Text messages are saved in chats. Emails are in inboxes. Pen and paper reports? Piled up on a desk (and hopefully in a binder).

Not having one centralized place for all your project files is the biggest downside to using different technologies.

When you can’t see progress in real time, your decision-making process is delayed. You can’t quickly access projects to update stakeholders or clients on the current progress, either. Sometimes, missing or incomplete documentation is an issue—especially when physical paperwork is involved. These problems could get worse when dealing with multiple contractors.

Using a construction document management software with cloud storage to manage your files can save a lot of time in the long run.

Cloud-based software and cloud computing—how do they help?

What are the benefits of cloud storage platforms? Well, there are a good number of them.

Imagine being able to manage all your job files in one secure place, wherever you are. You can share projects with whoever needs visibility, like stakeholders or other team members. And, you can even upload documents from your mobile devices or computer.

The benefits of cloud computing solutions are quite similar. Instead of storing project files on your personal or mobile device, you can access them on the internet. That means less manual sharing, better security, and more collaboration—on and off the site.

What project data could (and should) be stored in the cloud? That depends on your company’s line of work. But there are a few ways field management software can help guide you in the right direction.

Why should you integrate field software (like Raken) with cloud-based storage?

Field software helps you streamline communication between the field and the office. The main way it does this? By making it easy for field workers to document progress from their mobile devices.

For example, Raken lets users complete:

The biggest benefit of these mobile features is you get real-time field data sent to the office. Since you don’t have to manually input anything, the data is more accurate—meaning you can make better, faster decisions to improve projects. Having every file on the cloud helps hold everyone accountable, too. (They can also be used if legal issues come up in the future.)

Cloud storage gives you extra security for the data that matters most. When paired with field software like Raken, you can collect, store, and manage your files wherever you have internet access.

Raken integrates with:

How Egnyte + Raken helps companies manage data and documentation.

Egnyte’s secure cloud storage helps companies manage documentation. Because it integrates with Raken(a data-collecting software), companies can collect, review, collaborate on, and store documentation and data with ease. There’s no more sorting through papers, emailing and texting, manual entry, or missing data. Data collection and documentation is streamlined and easily accessible. And, since Egynte offers security solutions to detect ransomware and threats, you can rest assured your documents are safe—and that you can safely share any sensitive documents.

As Senior Field Engineer with Level 10 Construction Igor C. put it: “Raken and Egnyte save us a whole bunch of time and money, and that's the two keys of construction right now. Time and money.”

Improve and store your project data with Raken.

With Raken's cloud based construction management software, collaboration between teams (and jobsites) is easier than ever. Since all your data is in one place, you’ll have the visibility you need to make better projects.

Schedule a demo today to see how your company can benefit from Raken.

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