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4 Construction Companies Improving Their Communities


Posted on July 2nd, 2021

construction worker on urban bridge.

Construction workers all over the US have helped make life in North America what it is. The buildings we work, socialize, and even sleep in are all possible thanks to construction workers. Don’t forget about the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure that allows us to easily connect with others from across the nation.

That’s why we’re highlighting some construction crews that work hard to contribute to their communities and nation.

First up, Kyne Construction, Inc.

Kyne Construction, Inc.

Kyne Construction, Inc. construction project.

Image source: Kyne

Project highlight: San Diego County Sheriff STIC, where they were in charge of site utilities, water utility distribution, sanitary sewerage, and storm drainage utilities.

Why we tip our hat: Kyne Construction specializes in underground and site utilities—and has provided schools, government buildings, stadiums, and even airports with access to clean water, electricity, and gas. Having access to utilities is something many of us take for granted, but something we all rely on every day.

Favorite Raken feature? Time Cards, and the ability to integrate with FOUNDATION to streamline payroll.

The real-time aspect has been the biggest benefit for us, because I can see who’s on what job at any hour of the day, – Karina Gallivan, payroll and compliance admin at Kyne Construction

John W. Danforth Company

John W. Danforth Company construction project.

Image source: J.W. Danforth

Project highlight: Upgrading Ohio State University’s Schottenstein Center to more energy-efficient mechanical systems.

Why we tip our hat: A mechanical contractor, J.W. Danforth helped OSU with their goal of becoming more energy efficient and reducing their overall carbon footprint. And of course, NCAA fans are happy to see the iconic Schottenstein Center improved upon.

Favorite Raken feature? Production Tracking and its ability to integrate with Time Cards, so Danforth always knows where they stand when it comes to labor productivity and timelines.

If we have a bad week on a labor code, we’ll see the projected productivity start to drift away from the budget. Most people who don’t have this level of insight will just keep on doing the same thing again and again until someone sees it on a financial statement … and by then, it’s too late. – Todd Follis, J.W. Danforth’s Vice President of Pre-Construction Planning

Outlier Construction Co.

Outlier Construction project.

Image source: Outlier

Project highlight: A full remodel of the 2nd floor of a county library. The project included a 5,000 square foot improvement and was finished on time and on budget.

Why we tip our hat: Outlier Construction is a general contractor that has not only worked on libraries, but also schools, banks, apartments, and even Starbucks. (And what would the world be without Starbucks?)

Favorite Raken feature? Daily Reports, because it improves efficiency and provides the tools to better track projects.

Our guys have to do daily reports every day, and while there's a lot of different ways you can do them, having a tool that is so advanced and unique [means] the guys can use it on their phone without a laptop or a tablet. – Rob Mayers, CEO of Outlier Construction

Level 10 Construction

Level 10 construction project.

Image source: Level 10

Project highlight: A 1.8 million square foot office development, from demolition through completion of the Moffet Towers II Campus. This office space was built out for employees of Amazon and Facebook, among others.

Why we tip our hat: Level 10 is a general contractor that has not only built the office spaces that help American businesses run, but they have also worked on universities, museums, and even Seaworld San Diego’s Emperor Dive Coaster.

Favorite Raken feature? Daily Reports, because it made coordinating with up to 20 subcontractors an organized process.

In my daily activities I go around the site snapping photos of what happened that day. If there's ever a question if the work got done or didn't get done, I can go back to those photos in Raken and check to see if it was actually done or not. – Evan Sinclaire, Field Engineer with Level 10

How Raken helps build across America

As a company founded and based in Carlsbad, CA, we’re proud to serve many construction crews making communities across our nation better places to live. In the past year alone, 2.46 million daily reports have been submitted in America using Raken (data pulled from June 2020 - June 2021). And since June 2019, we’ve seen 4.51 million daily reports submitted.

We’re proud to be a part of the many construction projects happening across America, helping companies document the incredible work they do. We hope all those in construction know how much we appreciate what they do, every day. Want to learn how Raken can help your company streamline processes? Schedule a demo today.

If you’re a Raken customer and have a project you’d like featured, tell us about it using the link below!

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