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How to Manage Construction Projects With Smaller Crews


Posted on November 29th, 2022

construction worker sitting in excavator on jobsite.

In August 2022, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) reported that the construction industry is experiencing a significant workforce shortage. According to their survey, 91% of construction companies have been struggling to find qualified candidates for their open roles.

Coupled with ongoing construction supply chain issues, a lack of laborers poses a major risk. AGC’s chief economist Ken Simonson explains, “These workforce shortages are compounding the challenges firms are having with supply chain disruptions that are inflating the cost of construction materials and making delivery schedules and product availability uncertain.”

But work must go on, and most GCs can’t afford to delay projects while they search for new hires. If you find yourself working with less resources than usual, Raken’s daily construction reporting software can help fill in the gaps and keep projects on track.

Improve daily reporting

With less employees to work with, project managers need to be able to get the most results from the least effort without creating added stress for their smaller construction crews. Using software to improve critical tasks like daily reporting and time tracking, you’ll increase productivity while saving time and effort.

Raken’s comprehensive construction management app features tools that streamline the following processes:

  • Data collection

  • Report organization

  • Data sharing

  • Safety monitoring

Through mobile data capture, field crews can easily use Raken to record updates from the field and share them with stakeholders instantly. They can follow standardized construction safety checklists and report templates that take the guesswork out of inspections and reporting, and they can use our digital time tracking to log all hours worked to unlimited custom cost codes.

With our cloud storage integrations, automated updates, and our messaging feature, communication will improve, helping your team work more quickly and effectively. They’ll share important updates in-app, ensuring your smaller crew stays informed about design changes, safety concerns, or quality issues.

What does a Raken report look like? Download our construction field report example.

Improve production tracking

Raken not only helps smaller field crews complete daily reports faster and more accurately, our production tracking software also helps project managers quickly analyze report data. Raken collects all report info submitted from any source and organizes it into a clear easy-to-digest format.

Whether you’re reviewing daily progress or weekly and monthly summaries, you’ll gain detailed insights about your project's most important performance indicators at any specific point in time. That includes manpower, delays, safety issues, and weather.


  • Provides a weekly/monthly compilation of pertinent job site information for a specified period

  • Automatically organizes data to allow granular insight into manpower, delays, and safety issues in order to ensure the project remains on track

  • Automatically delivers reports on a scheduled basis without extra work

Better reporting means you’ll be able to identify and correct any potential issues before they develop into disputes or rework. You can use the real-time insights provided by Raken to make proactive decisions about budget, scheduling and hiring, helping you make the most of your resources.

Try Raken today

Want to learn more about Raken's daily construction reporting software? Get started with a free demo of our mobile construction app and see for yourself how you can work more efficiently with a team of any size.

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