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How to Build Better Construction Projects (and Win More Business) in 2022


Posted on January 19th, 2022

construction hard hat on table.

At the end of last year, President Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law. With it comes new upgrades for roads, bridges, and transit systems—and more demand for construction work.

The planning phase for future projects is already underway. Here are four ways to get more done in 2022.

1. Improve your documentation.

In construction, if you didn’t document something, it didn’t happen. Having a solid record of events clearly shows the work of your field crews—and any outside factors that affected progress. Strong historical data also helps you create more competitive estimates for projects.

What does documentation include? Everything from daily reports and surveys to photos, videos, and notes. With construction document management software, you can easily collect project documents (and track them all) in one place. That way, you can find the critical information you need fast.

Last year alone, Raken customers took more 29 million jobsite photos. Documents are uploaded to the cloud in real time, meaning there’s no manual entry (and less errors) after the fact.

2. Keep stakeholders informed.

Project visibility for internal teams is one thing, but keeping stakeholders in the loop is another. Luckily, construction tech helps with both.

Since a lot of construction apps use cloud storage, sending clients project information is a breeze. Some solutions (like Raken) compile project data into professional, polished PDF reports to make them easy to understand. Clients will be happy to see how things are going, and you’ll build up trust and rapport for your company.

In 2021 alone, Raken customers completed nearly 2.5 million daily reports. That’s a lot of documented, organized proof for project progress and updates—without additional work needed from team members in the field.

3. Focus on employee retention.

More projects means more demand for skilled labor. In light of the recent labor shortages, employee retention isn’t just recommended. It’s necessary.

Payroll delays, errors, and inaccurate wages can (and often do) make workers leave. By streamlining payroll, you can ensure employees are paid accurately and on time. Construction tech helps you collect the necessary time data to get it done, too.

Raken customers logged 602,191 time cards last year. Since payroll teams can import time data right into their accounting software, payroll processing is smoother than ever. And efficient payroll means timely paydays—and happier workers.

4. Make compliance reporting more efficient.

For government and municipal projects, there’s a specific way to report compliance. Because of this, compliance reporting can take up a lot of time—time better spent on the projects at hand. Construction tech helps you get that time back.

Digital forms are becoming the norm in construction. Raken’s customizable checklists and checklist templates take them one step further. With custom checklists, you can quickly see if projects are meeting OSHA guidelines. That means you’ll save time on documentation, and avoid extra rework.

In 2021, Raken customers completed 78,227 safety and quality checklists. They also held 40,490 toolbox talks. Since safety documents are attached to dailies, all their important documentation is in one place.

Prep your business for 2022 with Raken.

Raken’s field-focused software gives you better field data in real time. This year, build even better projects (and win more of them) with Raken.

Schedule a demo to see how you can streamline daily reports, time cards, production tracking, safety, and more.

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