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Try Our New Worker Time Clock


Posted on November 29th, 2023

Try Raken's new worker time clock app.

This month we launched our mobile worker time clock, a new, easy-to-use way to accurately track time in Raken.

Now, you can invite workers to download a streamlined version of our mobile app to clock in, log breaks, and clock out using their individual devices—with GPS location verification. 

Why we built it

Our time clock is perfect for subcontractors and GCs who want to free up foremen and supervisors to manage the jobsite instead of taking attendance.

The benefits:

  • Eliminate buddy punching

  • Reduce time theft

  • Verify payroll accuracy

Read about the benefits of accurate time tracking >

How it works

Workers download the app to clock in and out with a tap. 

  • Select projects and cost codes or add notes

  • Review and approve time cards before payroll processing

  • Set custom notification reminders 

The office verifies worker hours and location with GPS. 

  • Quickly identify violations

  • Reduce payroll disputes

  • View detailed timesheets

Get Raken’s famously fast, accurate time tracking and save your supervisors from spending hours on time cards.

Time tracking flexibility with Raken

Explore all of our time entry options:

Get started

Contact your sales rep to start using Raken’s mobile worker time clock today.

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