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Clock In with Raken Kiosk


Posted on February 15th, 2023

Raken kiosk screenshot on mobile phone.

Clocking in and tracking time just got easier thanks to our newest feature.

Introducing Kiosk mode, now available in Raken:

Product Video: Raken Kiosk.

What is Raken Kiosk?

Raken Kiosk is a new feature in our mobile field management app. When you enable Kiosk mode, your team can use a phone or tablet as a shared time clock.

How it works

An admin enables Kiosk mode on a company device. Each day, employees enter an individual PIN code to clock in, track work hours, log break time, and clock out.

Time will automatically be tracked to the tasks workers are assigned in Raken. You can organize time cards by crew, which can be selected by the employee or assigned as a default.

Overtime is also calculated automatically, and if a worker makes a mistake or forgets to clock out, admins can make quick, easy edits. They can even edit time cards in bulk if they need to add a cost code for their entire crew.

The benefits

Raken Kiosk streamlines the payroll process. Employees use a single device to proactively log work hours, which are shared with the office in real-time.

All time cards completed with Kiosk mode work with Raken’s existing time tracking features, including our accounting software integrations.

Data from Kiosk time cards is automatically organized into timesheets for easy review and approval.

Start using Raken Kiosk

All Raken Performance plan customers can access Raken Kiosk. To begin using the time clock features, an admin must enable Kiosk mode for select projects or for your entire organization. For detailed instructions, see our Raken Kiosk help center article.

Once Kiosk mode is activated, a field manager can open the time clock feature on the shared device by selecting the project in the mobile app and tapping the Kiosk tool icon. A list of all the employees assigned to that project will appear.

Employees will tap their name and be prompted to create a PIN to begin using the time clock.

Try Raken today

Want to learn what Raken can do for your business? If you’re not a customer yet, schedule a demo to see Raken Kiosk and time cards—plus daily reports, production tracking, and our other easy-to-use features—in action.

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