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Quarterly Update: Better Project and Workforce Visibility


Posted on June 30th, 2023

Product Updates Q2 2023.

Raken continued to gain momentum in the second quarter of 2023 to help companies increase their visibility around project progress and field crews. Take a look at what we’ve been up to, and see what we’re working on next!

Labor map and certification management

Tracking your workers’ location has never been easier. Recently, we’ve added a labor map feature so project managers can visualize how their employees are distributed across worksites and better allocate resources.

labor management map feature.

Additionally, companies can now add and manage worker certifications to better understand strengths and weaknesses and manage skilled labor. When paired with Raken’s labor map, you can ensure that skilled workers with the proper certifications (like Forklift Operation or OSHA 10) get scheduled where they’re needed most.

Improved camera functionality

new Raken camera interface.

Raken’s mobile app just became even more user-friendly, with several upgrades starting with enhanced camera capabilities. Users can now more easily control zoom, flash, and video to make image capture on the jobsite more convenient.

Camera features also have improved performance for landscape mode and tablets now, leading to more versatility.

Ease of use updates

The camera isn’t the only update to our mobile user interface—the Raken mobile app now offers improved readability and usability with streamlined at-a-glance views of daily activity and reports.

Users can also take advantage of a new weekly calendar for easier report access and updates plus standardized searching, sorting, and filtering capabilities.

New Raken interface on several mobile screens.

In the web app, we’ve also consolidated project settings so that they’re more intuitive to customize projects.

Last but not least, emails sent through Raken now offer a cleaner, more professional look that are optimized for both web and mobile devices to improve the sharing of information with project stakeholders.

Documenting visual data for reports and jobsite details is crucial. Photos and videos allow project managers to better understand what’s happening in the field, and can be used as proof of work in the case of a dispute.

That’s why we’ve updated our photo gallery with a search tool to make it easier for Raken users to find photo names and descriptions in attachment galleries.

Features to look forward to

Raken has even more features and upgrades coming in the near future. Soon, users will be able to more easily manage safety and quality with managed checklists, jobsite observations, and automated dashboards.

We’ll also be introducing more time tracking tools and better visibility and flexibility for our billing and invoicing.

Want to learn more?

If you’re new to Raken, we’d love to show you how these new features work to help construction companies stay on schedule and informed.

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