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Quarterly Update: Making Construction Management More Convenient


Posted on April 3rd, 2023

Product Updates: Q1 2023.

In the first quarter of 2023, Raken unveiled a wide range of helpful new features and integrations for our platform.

New project view interface on web

Efficiency is the first step towards better project management. That’s why Raken has improved the look and feel of our online platform. From improved navigation and a new persistent action bar, seeing what happens on the jobsite has never been easier.

Raken’s improved project web view also includes an updated calendar view that enables you to review daily work logs and assess progress at a glance. You can also roll over time, add new team members, and publish or sign reports with just the click of a button.

Raken’s new project web view.

You can also gain better insights into your projects with dropdown navigation that enables you to select different views to track productivity, time, materials, and safety.

Improved time card management

We heard your feedback following our new time card updates, and released some additional enhancements this quarter. Now, Raken users can enter time more easily and record break duration with a collapsible time entry box that saves space so more time entries are visible.

Cost code management is also easier, with less clicks for code entry and shortcuts for frequently used cost codes.

The return of project map view

Back by popular demand, the project map view enables customers to see every project on a map in their Dashboard. You’ll be able to see where your projects are located geographically so that you can coordinate material deliveries, worker distribution, and more.

Raken project map view.

Kiosk mode

Raken Kiosk streamlines the process of clocking in and tracking time in the field. Employees can use a shared mobile device like a phone or tablet at their worksite to clock in and out and record breaks.

Kiosk mode also specifically tracks hours related to the tasks being performed, making it easier for project managers to measure progress and gain valuable insight into how work is performed. Any overtime is automatically recorded, too.

Raken kiosk mode on iPad.

If workers make mistakes or clock in or out too early, managers can easily edit the time logs. The logs can even be edited in bulk for the entire crew if anything needs to be added (like cost codes). All of this data is automatically imported into timesheets for easy review and approval.

Add and manage worker certifications

Company admins can now upload and assign certifications to their team members using our web application.

Introducing: Raken Academy

To further help Raken users maximize their ROI and adoption of the platform, we recently introduced an all-new learning platform for customers. Raken Academy offers 33 interactive training courses around our features and integrations.

Enhanced Egnyte integration

Customers of both Raken and Egnyte can utilize the updated integration that includes project folder mapping. This update allows you to sync files from specific Raken projects to specific Egnyte project folders—reducing the manual file management required for teams to keep all of the files for a given job under a single folder.

See what's coming next

This is only the beginning—we have even more updates and enhancements on the horizon for this year. Soon, customers will be able to map qualified labor by location with our new labor management and distribution capabilities.

Our teams are also working on adding inspection and observation functionality that will enable better safety and quality control inspections. That means that your team will be more prepared for OSHA when they come to inspect the jobsite.

Want to learn more?

If you’re new to Raken, schedule a demo today! We’ll show you how these new features work with our classic capabilities to help construction companies increase efficiency.

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