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Tailgate Meetings in Construction


Posted on April 3rd, 2024

Tailgate meetings in construction.

Workplace injuries are the worst case scenario on any jobsite, negatively impacting employee morale, productivity, and profitability. Learn how proactive safety education, like tailgate meetings, helps prevent incidents.

What is a tailgate meeting?

Tailgate meetings, also known as tailgate talks or toolbox talks, are brief safety meetings designed to inform workers about the hazards associated with specific tasks. A supervisor will typically hold a tailgate meeting before the workday begins, as a reminder of safety rules and procedures.

The term “tailgate meeting” comes from the practice of meeting around the tailgate of a pickup truck. Attendance is usually required.

Where can I find free tailgate meeting topics?

Whether you have a tailgate meeting every day or even just once a month, it takes a ton of valuable time to research, select, and schedule a topic.

We've made prepping for tailgate meetings easier. Download free PDFs from our library of tailgate meeting topics, covering subjects like heat stress, electrical safety, PPE, and more.

How to run a tailgate meeting

In construction, tailgate safety meetings are often informal, but that doesn't mean you can show up unprepared. Here are a few steps to remember to ensure employees get the most out of tailgate talks.

1. Determine the right topics

Evaluate the projects you’re working on and create a list topics are most relevant for your crew. Your tailgate meetings may apply to current tasks or address frequent issues.

If you've already covered all relevant topics in recent tailgate meetings, choose a general subject like first aid or hazard elimination. 

2. Schedule the tailgate meeting

Once you’ve selected your topic, it’s time to schedule the tailgate meeting. Determine how often tailgate safety meetings are required for your workers. Many businesses hold regular talks on a weekly or monthly basis.

Let your team know when the meeting will be and what topic you’ll be covering. You should also explain why the tailgate meeting is necessary.

3. Conduct the tailgate meeting

When you hold a tailgate safety meeting, be mindful of the scheduled start and end time. Read the talk to your team and give them the opportunity to discuss or ask questions.

4. Track meeting attendance

To document the training your workers receive, you should track attendance with a tailgate meeting sign-in sheet. Save the attendance form and keep it alongside other project documentation.

Get our free tailgate meeting sign-in sheet download to get started.

5. Use tailgate meeting software

Keep better track of tailgate meetings by trading in pen and paper for digital solutions. With construction safety software, you can access tailgate meeting topics without searching online, seamlessly schedule talks, and capture attendance on mobile.

How Raken makes tailgate meetings easier

Tailgate safety meetings are a simple yet key component of jobsite safety in construction. It’s a great time to remind employees about common hazards and how to avoid them without taking too much time from the workday. That means less downtime and better employee satisfaction in the long run.

Raken offers a wide variety of tailgate meeting topics and scheduling tools in our easy-to-use toolbox talk software. All talks are easily accessible from the field or office using our web and mobile apps. Download and print out talks or read them right from your phone or tablet, plus digitally capture attendance.

Attendance is stored securely on the cloud, so you can quickly demonstrate you've provided the proper training.

See all our safety features in action

Get streamlined tailgate talks, managed checklists, compliance tracking, and more.

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