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The Best Phone Cases for Construction Workers


Posted on October 3rd, 2022

construction phone cases.

Just like a hammer or screwdriver, your phone is a valuable tool on the jobsite. Using mobile devices, contractors can access construction management apps and other time-saving technology on the go.

Whether you’re using your phone to monitor project progress, share files, take jobsite photos, track hours, or simply communicate at work, it’s important to protect it with a heavy duty case. The field can be a dangerous place for delicate devices, and a good, sturdy case will prevent both regular wear-and-tear and accidental damage.

We’ve put together a list of the six best phone cases for construction workers. Check out our top picks below, and use the included links for more information on how to purchase.

The 6 top construction phone cases for iPhone and Android

Otterbox Defender

Otterbox is one of the most well-known case manufacturers in the industry. Their cases are tough, durable, and loaded with convenient features.

The Otterbox Defender is one of their best phone cases for construction workers. It surrounds your phone with multiple layers of defense against drops and includes port covers to keep out dust and a built-in holster clip that doubles as a kickstand.

Your phone screen and camera are most susceptible to damage, so the Defender is designed with raised edges to prevent cracks and scratches. Depending on what type and model of device you use, your Defender case may come with a built-in screen protector or you may need to purchase one separately for maximum durability.

Otterbox offers the Defender for most modern iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel models. There’s also an iPad version if you prefer to use a tablet in the field.

The Defender doesn't have many cons when it comes to protection, but some users don’t like the bulk it adds to an otherwise sleek phone. Otterbox has recently slimmed down the Defender’s design, so if you use a newer model, this case may meet all your needs without significantly changing your phone’s dimensions.

LifeProof FRE

Once its own brand, the LifeProof FRE is now owned by Otterbox. While it isn’t quite as tough as the Defender, this phone case has one major advantage: it’s waterproof.

The LifeProof FRE is waterproof, dirt-proof, and snow-proof. It protects your phone even fully submerged in water, and it's the perfect choice for contractors who often work in difficult or extreme weather conditions.

Another bonus of the FRE is that, despite its advanced level of protection from the elements, it still features a sleek, stylish design. It offers superior shock resistance without the bulk of other phone cases, so you can easily fit your phone in your pocket, toolbelt, or any other tight space without any issues.

The LifeProof FRE is one of the more expensive phone cases on the market. However, if you need a waterproof case for your iPhone, iPad, or Galaxy, there are few options that can compete with the FRE’s level of functionality.

Rokform Rugged

Rokform’s Rugged lineup of phone cases is designed for hard use in harsh environments. With reinforced corners and a soft, impact-resistant core, the Rugged absorbs shocks and provides enhanced screen and camera protection.

Rokform includes a unique feature with most of their phone cases that make them incredibly versatile. The Rugged is equipped with a phone-safe magnet that can be used to secure your phone onto any magnetic surface.

Rokform also offers easy-to-use magnetic accessories that can be attached to the Rugged for flexibly mounting your iPhone or Galaxy on a vehicle, your tool belt, and other convenient places.

UAG Monarch

Urban Armor Gear’s phone cases are durable but stylish. According to the brand’s website, they’re designed primarily for “adventure seekers” who hike, bike, and surf, but the functionality of their Monarch series works equally well for contractors on the jobsite.

The Monarch is one of the best construction phone cases because it provides up to 5 layers of protection. Some models even employ Kevlar, a tough, heat-resistant material often used to manufacture bullet-proof vests.

UAG’s cases are slightly more expensive than most other brands, but they do offer one of the widest varieties. They design cases for phones, tablets, and laptops sold by Apple, Samsung, Pixel, LG, Motorola, and other manufacturers.

Poetic Revolution

For a more cost-effective option, Poetic’s Revolution phone cases offer solid damage protection without a high cost. You can currently purchase a Revolution case for $20 or less for many popular phone models from iPhone, Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers, or you can buy one for around $25 for your tablet. That’s less than half the cost of most other heavy duty cases on the market.

The Revolution features impact resistant lining and bumpers that absorb shocks. This case is easy to assemble, with just two pieces that together offer 360-degree defense from drops and dents.

The Revolition also comes in a wide variety of colors.

Ghostek Nautical

The Ghostek Nautical is a waterproof phone case that won’t break the bank. With a full body watertight shell and a built-in screen protector, you can be sure your iPhone, Pixel, or Galaxy is safe from water damage.

Boasting a 12 ft. drop resistance and the ability to function submerged in 6 ft. of water for up to 1.5 hours, the most recent versions of the Nautical are impressively sturdy. The raised bumpers protect your screen and camera while maintaining functionality, so you can make calls or snap photos in the field in any weather conditions.

Using your mobile phone on the jobsite

Once your phone is secure, how do you best utilize it?

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