Fall Protection Checklist

This checklist is a reference to ensure fall protection measures are in place for any work performed from an elevated surface.

Question Response Type
1. What type of surface will you be performing work from? ie. scissor lift, leading edge, scaffold, etc Text Answer
2. What type of personal fall arrest system will you be utilizing? ie. harness, yoyo, lanyard, lifeline, etc Text Answer
3. Is there an engineered tie-off point that is rated for a minimum of 5000lbs to attach to? Yes No N/A
4. If no, has the superintendent and safety manager been consulted to find an appropriate tie-off point? Yes No N/A
5. Does the working platform have toeboards to ensure the safety of personnel below? Yes No N/A
6. If no, has a restricted access zone been identified on the ground below to ensure the safety of other workers? Yes No N/A
7. Do all tools for this task have lanyards to ensure they don't hit the ground? Yes No N/A
8. Have you and your team been trained on emergency rescue procedures in the case that the fall protection system is employed? Yes No N/A

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