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Streamline communication between the field and office.

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Your window into what’s happening on the jobsite

Sometimes, just getting information from the field feels like a whole other job in itself. With Raken, general contractors get real-time updates of progress for every project with a better solution for daily reporting, photos, safety management, and communication. Your field teams will actually enjoy using it, and you’ll get better visibility—a win-win for everyone.

Daily Reports

Stay in the know on daily project progress

Customize your daily reports for the information you need and get unlimited photos, videos, and other document attachments. Everything is compiled into your branded PDF daily reports that you can send automatically to owners and stakeholders who need to be in the loop.

Super Daily

Invite your trade partners to free accounts

On all your projects, you can add your specialty contractors to Raken for free. All your construction reporting will be standardized and consolidated into one master report, so you won’t have to chase them down individually.


Maintain your safety standards

Ensure your teams are following all safety protocols to maintain a safe jobsite and help improve your EMR rating. Bulk schedule toolbox talks across all your projects and store signed digital attendance sheets in one place.

Real-Time Insights

Get notified for delays and incidents

If there's a safety incident or delay, you need to know about it immediately. Raken’s real-time dashboard shows you any updates for your projects as soon as they’re logged—giving you more time to take action and update stakeholders.

Integrate Raken with your other construction software solutions

When building your tech stack, combining tools that are built for the end-user will give you an even more powerful system. As a field-first solution, Raken integrates with other accounting, cloud storage, and construction management apps to streamline your processes and produce better data.

Minimize your risk with better project visibility

Everything is documented and saved to the cloud, so you’ll know exactly who did what (and when). All your time and date-stamped photos and daily reports serve as visual proof that’s searchable—so you won’t have to dig through all your files in case of disputes or potential litigation.

Easy to use for everyone

Our platform is intuitive and easy to use—both for the office and the field. The easier you make it to collect data, the better quality data you’ll receive. Spend less time digging and trying to find reports and more time analyzing them.

"The immediate test we used with Raken was that we gave it to one of our technologically challenged superintendents and within five minutes, he was excited about his day again. He felt like this was a tool that would make him look more professional, increase his ability to communicate well, and not take as much time for him to do that. He was rejuvenated about his day, and that was pretty cool to see."Don Mason, General Superintendent

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