5 traits of an effective construction superintendent

5 Traits That Make an Effective Construction Superintendent

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Traits of an effective construction superintendent

It's not easy being a supervisor in any industry. Caught between upper-level management and lower level workers with very different needs, it sometimes seems impossible to keep everyone happy and get a project done. If you're wondering how to be a good construction superintendent, you should know that a construction site supervisor must not only supervise the actual work of employees, but also must track their hours, authorize overtime, schedule specific work, coordinate bringing in subcontractors and rented equipment, write reports, conduct inspections, and oversee training. They must also make presentations, handle public affairs, and occasionally testify in court. So what are the qualities of a good construction superintendent?

How to be a good construction superintendent

Super powers would be a nice trait in such an individual, but barring that, what helps a site supervisor to get all of this done is:

5. Good writing and communication skillsAn effective supervisor should not only be able to write on the rule of thumb "sixth grade level", they should be fluent enough with industry terminology to complete more technical reporting. They also should take the time to make sure that all employees fully understand all site duties and protocols, and makes sure that workers who need extra assistance (like bi-lingual translating or signage) get it.

4. Walking the walk An effective supervisor follows exactly the same on-site protocols concerning safety, visitors, and on-site personal conduct (smoking, swearing, etc.) that they expect their workers to.

3. Doing homework An effective supervisor thoroughly gets familiar with a site area before work begins, and makes sure that all hazard areas are noted, any needed permits are acquired, etc.

2. Delegating and empowering The site supervisor can’t be everywhere at once, so it’s important that they have the right site supervisor skills to delegate some responsibilities to other employees to keep projects on track. An effective supervisor also has the ability to recognize good ideas from anyone and implement them, without sacrificing safety or industry standards.

1. Using appropriate technology An effective construction site supervisor is well versed in technology that can be applied to construction work and applies them on-site. Raken's daily reporting app for example, can not only be used to file professional looking reports quickly from the field via devices, the software can be used for remote collaborative work. This eliminates the need for traveling. Raken also allows for documenting of safety hazards and subsequent safety report issues, with both text and photos.

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