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How Project Managers Can Improve Daily Reporting

Establishing an effective daily reporting process is crucial for mitigating risk.

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1. The importance of project management

Timely, accurate reporting data is the key to successful project management. With consistent real-time insights from the field, project managers make better decisions to keep construction projects on track and mitigate risks.

Good reporting data helps:

  • Keep projects on schedule

  • Keep projects within budget

  • Appropriately manage resources

  • Promote safety

2. Establishing your daily reporting process

It's important to determine the essential information you need from each jobsite and clearly communicate guidelines to your field teams. Providing templates and checklists for daily reports sets a standard.

After defining your process you'll also be able to accurately assess your technology needs. With requirements in place, it's easier to choose the best project management software for your construction business.

3. Choosing the right daily reporting technology

Project managers should invest in modern solutions that allow for quick, consistent data collection. Digital daily reporting is faster, easier, and more accurate than pen and paper, which relies on time-consuming manual data entry and easily leads to miscommunications.

The right tool will help field workers to quickly capture relevant data and share it with the office in real-time using cloud storage capabilities. There are several options available on the market.

Be sure the technology you choose can collect all of the information you need, including:

  • Work logs

  • Surveys

  • Safety checklists

  • Time tracking

  • Materials tracking

  • Photos and videos

  • Notes

  • Weather updates

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It's especially important that the field contractors can easily learn and use daily reporting technology. A new system should help them collect higher quality data in less time instead of extending their workday.


Implementing a daily reporting tool that integrates with your current software for project management, payroll, and cloud storage can save even more time thanks to seamless data sharing.

4. Incorporate photos and videos

Visual data helps busy project managers better monitor progress and achieve the best visibility they can get outside of being on every jobsite.

Photo and video capabilities provide:

  • More clarity

  • Better communication

  • Enhanced protection

Maximize visibility by making sure your daily reporting tool allows for the capture of photos and videos with automatic time and date stamps. Automatic time and date stamps reduce miscommunication and uncertainty and help settle disputes when changes are needed.

5. Streamline daily reporting with Raken

Raken's comprehensive construction management app makes your daily reporting process quick and painless. With Raken, field contractors and subcontractors can easily capture and provide incredibly accurate and consistent data for project managers.

Use Raken's app for:

  • Daily reporting

  • Payroll management

  • Time and material tracking

  • Photo and video capture

  • Safety and quality checklists

  • Toolbox talks

Our software integrates with the most popular industry solutions for project management, accounting, and cloud storage, meaning you'll save time and reduce the need for manual data entry.

Schedule a demo to see how Raken can help you gain more accurate insights and better mitigate risks.

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