Electrical Contractor Software

Add power to your project management and reporting with our electrical contractor software featuring:

  • Material and equipment data collected from the field
  • Digital time cards and daily reports
  • Custom safety and quality checklists

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Software Features

Collect better data from the field

With Raken, electrical contractors can enter and track production metrics, from materials installed to time cards and rented equipment, all in one place.

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Material and Equipment Tracking

Get insights on your daily project output

Gone are the days of trying to remember how many linear feet of conduit you installed at the end of each day. Our mobile app makes it easy for your electrical crews to log materials installed per day, as well as track which equipment is on-site. Create better visibility into the jobsite with real-time production tracking.

Production Tracking

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Time Cards

Track time for your crews

Log hours for each crew in one place. Eliminate the need for paper timesheets and make payroll a breeze with digital time cards, complete with overtime and rollover hours.

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Daily Reports

Increase your jobsite visibility

With better daily reports, you’ll have the full picture of what happened each day. Our daily reports automatically compile things like weather, notes, surveys, and date and time-stamped photos into a branded PDF.

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Promote safety and quality

Use customizable checklists to foster a culture of safety and keep tabs on quality control protocols. Reduce the resource drain with easier documentation.

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Toolbox Talks

Maintain safety standards

Bulk schedule safety meetings across all your projects, and easily keep your sign-in sheets digitally stored for your record. Our library of toolbox talks has more than 100 topics to choose from, or you can upload your own.

Improve communication between the field and office

Keep everyone in the loop with proper documentation and automatic real-time updates. With Raken's electrical contractor management software, everything is digitally stored and accessible in one place, so you’ll even be prepared in case of litigation or disputes.

Electrical contractor software so easy to use, your crews will thank you

Our electrical contractor app was designed with your field team in mind. It’s built to make their lives easier (and yours). They’ll be done with reporting and paperwork faster, and you’ll get better jobsite data and information—the ideal win-win.

Can't believe how much more information I can document faster and easier and how awesome it looks on the final report. User friendly and from smart phone to computer, I can spend more time in the field while completely fulfilling my documentation duties. I don't think I could go back to my 1990's way of doing things after using Raken. Ray Bowers, Vigil Contracting

Raken helps electrical contracting businesses make better decisions

Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how many receptacles you installed and how many manhours it took to install them? For every project you use Raken's electrical contracting software on, you’ll have historical data you can leverage for more accurate future bids. Less guesswork means higher accuracy and higher profitability.

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's electrical contractor project management software can help you streamline workflows.

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