Mechanical Contractor Software

Turn up the heat on your production tracking and reporting with our software for mechanical contractors featuring:

  • Easy-to-use material and equipment logs
  • Digital time cards with cost codes
  • Streamlined daily reports, toolbox talks, and checklists

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Software Features

All your data from the field in one place

With Raken, mechanical contractors can gather better insights straight from the jobsite with easy-to-use software features like time cards, material tracking, and daily reporting.

Production Tracking

Take the guesswork out of your project progress

Know exactly how much material you use and which equipment is on-site with real-time production tracking. Everything you log is compiled into your daily reports and stored digitally.

Production Tracking

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Time Cards

Track hours for your crews

Replace manual time tracking with digital time cards for all your crews on-site. Assign cost codes to help streamline payroll and create daily records of who worked when.

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Daily Reporting

Improve your dailies

Create better daily reports that capture all your jobsite data for the day (including surveys, notes, weather, and photo documentation) into one branded PDF document.

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Toolbox Talks

Streamline your safety meetings

Use our digital toolbox talks to schedule safety meetings across all your projects and keep track of who attended. You can choose from our library or upload your own.

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Elevate jobsite safety and quality

Keep safety as the number one priority with easy-to-complete digital checklists. Ensure your teams are following protocols and make it easy to for them to document everything.

Bridge the communication gap between field and office

Communication between the field and office is critical for project management. With better documentation and real-time updates, you’ll know everything that’s happening. Plus, it’s all stored in the cloud for when you need it.

Software designed with mechanical contractors in mind

The secret to better field data is implementing a tool they will actually use. Our app is easy for anyone to immediately pick up and start using, eliminating the dreaded paperwork at the end of the day.

They picked it up no problem. Whether they were inexperienced, young, old, it didn’t matter. It was easy for our Field staff to grasp since the app was so intuitive. Todd Follis, VP of Pre-Construction
J.W. Danforth

Raken helps mechanical contractors make better business decisions

Understand current production on your active projects, from linear feet of duct installed to AHUs mounted. You’ll also have historical project data you can reference to understand productivity rates—which can help improve future bids.

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's mechanical contractor project management software can help you streamline workflows.

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