Construction Management Software for Small Business

Our construction management software helps businesses of all sizes reduce risks and improve productivity with:

  • Real-time reporting insights
  • Streamlined workflows
  • Checklists and toolbox talks

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Construction project management software built for small business

If you manage a small business you’ve got a lot on your plate. Raken’s innovative construction management app helps you work smarter, automating repetitive tasks and simplifying the reporting process.

Our capabilities include digital daily reporting, production tracking, time tracking and more.

Daily Reports

Get increased visibility without the hassle

With our easy-to-use mobile reporting interface, field crews can quickly collect detailed data from the jobsite and share it with the office in real time. Add notes, attach time-stamped photos and videos, and automatically publish reports in a clear, professional PDF format that’s shared instantly via cloud storage.

Field contractors can meet reporting requirements without adding stress to busy workdays, and managers can access project data without spending valuable work hours tracking it down.

Daily Reports

Production Tracking

Use detailed data to stay on schedule

Log equipment usage, track materials, and monitor project health all in the app. Adjust views to analyze project progress at a glance and make more informed decisions about schedule, labor, and budget.

When it’s time to draft new bids, easily review historical data for more accurate estimates. Or, use our search function to locate specific reports and resolve disputes quickly and fairly.

Production Tracking

Toolbox Talks

Choose from our library of topics

Raken makes safety education easy with our comprehensive toolbox talk library. Schedule a talk and collect digital attendance sheets directly in our software.

We cover a broad variety of topics from basic housekeeping to heavy equipment hazards—and everything in between.

Toolbox Talks


Improve safety and quality

Our standardized checklists take the guesswork out of inspections and quality assurance. Make sure your crew is following safety rules and properly documenting procedures.

Use our pre-made templates or customize your own to create reporting checklists that adapt perfectly to the needs of your small construction business.

Construction Checklists

Time Cards

Process payroll faster and more accurately

Digital time cards are more efficient than pen and paper. Using Raken’s construction software for small business, your field crew can easily submit digital time cards and log hours to your custom cost codes.

Thanks to our integrations with the most popular construction accounting software, the office won’t have to worry about duplicate data entry. Information is shared automatically between our app and your accounting system for faster, more accurate payroll processing.

Time Cards

Raken is for everyone

Raken is one of the best apps for small construction businesses of any kind. Our reporting and tracking features help general contractors, specialty contractors, project managers, and other construction professionals increase project visibility and improve profitability.

More features to love

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Clearer communications, fewer disputes

Raken improves communication between all project stakeholders. You can collect and share granular details between field crews, office teams, and customers with less downtime and manual data entry.

Reduce communication errors that lead to costly disputes and litigation. Keep your projects profitable and manage customer expectations with accurate real-time updates direct from the jobsite.

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