Construction Time Card App & Software

Streamline your construction timesheets and payroll processing with:

  • Digital time tracking for crews and individuals
  • Cost codes for budgeted hours
  • Instant, standardized reports

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Easy time tracking for construction projects

Inaccurate hours leads to confusion in the office, frustration in the field, and lost money. So don’t settle for endless paper timesheets or trying to figure out a construction time clock tool that needs months of training.

Time Cards

Time tracking for crews and individuals

With Raken's construction time tracking software, you can bulk upload your crews and allocate hours to entire teams at once. Easily add members right from the app or edit hours for an individual who stayed late or got to work early. Roll over hours for duplicate work each day, and export time reports for smooth payroll processing and time card management.

Overtime Management

Simplify RT, OT, and DT

One tap is all it takes to allocate regular hours, overtime, or double time in Raken. Minimize the chance for disputes over which hours counted in which category—just make the changes in the app as they happen in the field and the rest is done automatically. Tracking employee time and billable hours has never been more simple.

Cost Codes

Assign time to cost codes

Keep track of budgeted hours by uploading cost codes from the office or adding them on the fly from the field. Once they’re in Raken, you can assign time worked to cost codes for detailed payroll processing, time management, and production tracking.

Streamlined payroll for the office

When the field starts tracking time digitally, the office can view, approve, and lock that data—all in one place. Schedule reports ahead of processing day and export construction timesheet data to make payroll that much less stressful.

Production Tracking

Real-time project progress

When you use Time Cards and Production Tracking together, you’ll collect timely, accurate, and detailed production data straight from the job site in the app. Having access to this information in real-time empowers managers to make data-driven decisions that can positively impact the outcome of their projects.

Daily Reports

The whole story collected from the field

When you add construction timesheet data in Raken, it’s automatically included in your Daily Report so owners and managers in the office can finally see the whole story of what’s happening on their projects in a single, beautiful report.

Raken has improved the time that it takes to do time cards, and the overall accuracy. The number of pay complaints from our employees are down to zero. I can't think of the last time I got a pay complaint.

Keith Arniston, Operations Manager

Using digital time cards during COVID-19

Added pandemic safety protocols like worker health checks and social distancing can have a huge impact on your project productivity each day. Construction daily reporting and jobsite time tracking can become messy. By documenting the hours spent completing these additional steps and the impact they have on your productivity, you can protect your company and potentially even get paid faster.

Digital time cards help you keep a clear record of added time spent, so you can have all your data in one place and better communicate it to project stakeholders.

Overtime Tracking

Document the extra time in the app

Tracking all your crews’ billable hours (including overtime) and allocating them to specific cost codes using Raken's construction timesheet app will show you exactly how much your productivity is being impacted and where the time is being spent. The more accurate your construction time sheets are, the more powerful they are for showing the added costs and implications.

Litigation Protection

Keep accurate records

Set your business up for success now by creating an organized, streamlined way to capture hours and effectively turn them into data and evidence for potential disputes down the road. All your construction time cards will be neatly stored in one place and searchable for when you need them.

Better Collaboration

Maintain streamlined communication

In the construction industry, maintaining good relationships is crucial to the success of your company. The earlier you can communicate the added hours and potential costs to project stakeholders, the less likely it will come to litigation. Having a construction time tracking app will ensure that work hours, time and attendance, and other crew information can be shared accurately and safely without having to pass it off by hand.

Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's construction timesheet software can help you streamline workflows.

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