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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

Subcontractor using subcontractor mobile app on jobsite.

How Production Tracking Software Helps Subcontractors Navigate the Current Market

The construction industry has been forced to change and adapt as the COVID-19 pandemic affected everything from material availability to projects being called off completely....

Construction worker using photo documentation app on jobsite.

Why Construction Site Photo Documentation is Important

In construction, keeping a project on track (and your customers happy) is easier said than done. However, increasing your visibility into a construction project with...

Product Updates - What's new in Raken: Q2 2021.

Quarterly Update: 10 Improvements to Make Your Life Easier

2021 has been a year filled with change and less-than-ideal circumstances. That’s why at Raken, we’ve been hard at work making sure you have the tools to succeed. In Q2 of 2021...

Raken Updates
multiple signature feature in Raken checklists.

Collect Multiple Signatures with Newly Enhanced Checklists

Our checklists are constantly evolving to meet the many needs on your jobsite. Today, we’re excited to launch our latest checklist enhancement: multi-signatures. Multiple...

Raken Updates
construction worker on urban bridge.

4 Construction Companies Improving Their Communities

Construction workers all over the US have helped make life in North America what it is. The buildings we work, socialize, and even sleep in are all possible thanks to...

Customer Profile
Construction worker using mobile data capture on jobsite.

Mobile Data Capture: How it's Changing Construction

For the past several years, the construction industry has increased industry productivity by incorporating more technology. Still, many construction companies have resisted this...

Industry News Tips
production tracking graphs.

New Feature: Track and Improve Productivity with Production Insights Trends

Knowing which cost codes are performing well (or not) and why can help your company meet production goals—and ensure profitability. Our newest enhancement, Production Insights...

Raken Updates
two construction workers working on building.

How the Construction Industry Can Meet the Coming Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every industry, and construction is no exception. But in the US, there are increasing signs that the pandemic may be slowly coming to...

Industry News
Meet the Raken Team: Customer Success.

Raken Department Spotlight: Customer Success

We’re turning the spotlight on all the departments here at Raken! To start, we're highlighting our Customer Success team for their philosophy, what motivates them, and how they...

Raken Updates
close-up of construction worker's face on jobsite.

Mental Health in Construction: Breaking the Stigma

When you think of construction, “mental health” isn’t usually what comes to mind. Work is already stressful for most—but add in long hours, demanding tasks, and anxieties from...

Industry News
stacks of lumber on construction site.

The Lumber Shortage—and How It’s Affecting the Construction Industry

Lumber prices continue to rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. How is it affecting the construction industry—and how can contractors better protect themselves? Let's take a look...

Industry News
screenshot of timesheet approvals in Raken.

Simplify Payroll with Timesheet Approvals

Processing accurate and timely payroll is essential for any construction business. We built Time Cards to make it easy to collect time data from the field. After listening to...


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