Subcontractor Software for Construction

Track production and monitor progress faster with our subcontractor software featuring:

  • Real-time field reporting
  • Mobile data capture
  • Seamless integrations

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Better production insights for subcontractors

Take the guesswork out of jobsite data with features that help you accurately track progress, productivity, and safety—so you can build better bids and win more business. Save time and improve field and office communications with real-time updates and easy-to-use daily reporting.

No matter your trade, our subcontractor project management software will empower your team to work more efficiently and effectively.

Construction management software built for the field

From daily reporting to production tracking and safety, we've designed our subcontractor app for anyone in the field to use. Our intuitive interface and streamlined report templates make capturing the right data quick and easy.

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Easy to use subcontractor management software

Our construction management app is intuitive and easy to use—even the least tech-savvy person on your team will understand how to use it (and will love it). Spend less time onboarding and more time building.

The first person to use Raken was Wayne, in his late 60s. He was a little nervous to use an app and an iPad. But he quickly got the hang of it, and he loves it. Now, with some of our new inspectors, it takes them 5 whole minutes to get it. Barbara T., Sr. Construction Manager

Improve internal communication

With more streamlined communication and digital documentation that’s stored in the cloud, you can easily search and find what you need without having to dig through files. You’ll know exactly which subcontractor did what at specific times on the construction site, and have the photos and data to prove it.

Use data to make decisions

Raken makes it easy for subcontractors to review historical production data and more accurately tailor future bids. Leverage your real-time data to make sure every project meets expectations.

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Level up your jobsite

See how Raken's subcontractor app can help you streamline workflows.

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