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How to become a subcontractor.

How to Become a Subcontractor in Construction

Subcontractors are skilled laborers who handle the day-to-day work of a construction project. Learn how to become a subcontractor and discover how this essential role fits into...

Schedule of Values (SOV): What You Need To Know.

Schedule of Values (SOV): What You Need To Know

A schedule of values clearly demonstrates all the work and resources applied to a construction project. Learn how to create a schedule of values and use this type of...

What is Construction Workforce Management?.

What is Construction Workforce Management?

Just like materials and equipment, your workforce is a valuable resource that needs to be managed. What is construction workforce management? In construction, workforce...

How to Find the Right Construction Project Manager.

How to Find the Right Construction Project Manager

A lot goes into the successful completion of a construction project. Many factors can affect the outcome, from the equipment being used and workforce hired to weather. That’s...

Cybersecurity in Construction.

The Risks of Account Sharing in Construction

For many construction companies, software is essential to daily operations. But sometimes while using digital tools, businesses unintentionally leave themselves vulnerable to...

Safety Tips
What is a mechanical contractor?.

What is a Mechanical Contractor?

Learn about mechanical contractor responsibilities, salaries, software, and more.

What is an Electrical Contractor? Definition, Duties & Job Outlook.

What is an Electrical Contractor?

Learn about electrical contractor salaries, skills, training, and more.

QA vs. QC.

QA vs. QC in Construction

The terms quality assurance and quality control may sound similar but actually describe two distinct functions in the construction industry. Understanding the difference between...

subcontractors working on construction site.

How to Be a Successful Subcontractor

The world of subcontracting is always changing. Demand for specialty subcontractors remains high, leading to plenty of competition for project bids. That’s why it’s more...

What is a concrete contractor?.

What is a Concrete Contractor?

Learn about the skilled contractors who work with concrete, their average salaries, training requirements, and the software they use on the job.

What is a Submittal in Construction? A Definitive Guide.

What is a Submittal in Construction? A Definitive Guide

Submittals are a crucial part of the construction process. This guide defines what a submittal is, explains how submittals are used, and describes best submittal practices. What...

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Subcontractors.

Five Tips to Effectively Manage Subcontractors

The construction job market has never been tighter. Ongoing labor shortages paired with high demand for construction workers puts even more pressure than usual on GCs to manage...


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