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6 Tips For Advancing Your Construction Career.

6 Tips for Advancing Your Construction Career

Professional growth is a universal goal for anyone in the workforce, regardless of their field. However, the path to career advancement can look different in each industry. In...

What is an Excavating Contractor? Definition, Duties & Job Outlook.

What is an Excavating Contractor? Definition, Duties & Job Outlook

Before you can start building, you need to prepare the jobsite. That’s where excavating contractors come in. Learn about the roles, responsibilities, and average salaries of...

The Evolution of Construction Technology.

The Evolution of Construction Technology Through the Years

Construction has existed as an industry for as long as humans have sought shelter from the elements. It didn’t take long before humans aspired to grander visions, though, as...

Marking up a construction progress photo on mobile phone.

How To Manage Construction Progress Photos

As an experienced industry professional, you know firsthand how important daily reports are for construction projects. One of the most crucial parts of these reports is...

5 Traits that Make an Effective Construction Superintendent.

5 Traits That Make an Effective Construction Superintendent

Construction superintendents have an important job. From upper-level management to field crews, you have a lot of people (with very different needs) to keep happy. You also have...

Construction superintendents on jobsite.

5 Ways Construction Superintendents Can Make Meetings More Productive

Nobody is immune to unnecessary meetings. Across every industry and every workplace, everybody has been subjected to at least one meeting that could have been an email ....

How to Improve Operational Efficiency in Construction.

Tips to Improve Operational Efficiency in Construction

For most construction companies, improving operational efficiency is a constant goal. In our industry, profitability depends significantly on a business’s understanding and...

What is design-build construction?.

Design-Build Construction: A Comprehensive Guide

Design-build construction is a project delivery method that’s quickly grown in popularity over the past several years. How does design-build construction work, and how can your...

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construction worker sitting in excavator on jobsite.

How to Manage Construction Projects With Smaller Crews

In August 2022, the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) reported that the construction industry is experiencing a significant workforce shortage . According to their...

What is a General Contractor?.

What is a General Contractor? - An Overview

Learn what it means to be a general contractor in this guide to one of the construction industry’s most important roles.

construction workers using laptop on jobsite.

Using Data to Streamline Construction Project Management

Today’s project managers have a wide variety of construction technology solutions at their disposal to help collect and assess critical information from the field. If your...

person pointing at something on laptop screen.

Types of Construction Disputes and How to Avoid Them

Disputes are a common occurrence in construction, and many businesses spend a significant amount of time and resources on litigation each year. In 2020, construction companies...


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