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Catch up on all the latest construction tips, news, and updates.

clients visiting construction site and looking at laptop.

Tips for Managing Client Expectations in Construction

Client expectations affect nearly every business that works directly with customers, but in the construction industry they are especially difficult to manage. Construction work...

construction crew discussing project timeline.

The Importance of Project Timelines in Construction

Planning the project timeline is an important part of construction management and one of the most complex tasks at the beginning stage of any construction project. Project...

construction worker wiping forehead.

How Managers Can Prevent Employee Burnout in Construction

This year, the American Psychological association reported that more people than ever before are experiencing the negative effects of work-related stress . According to the...

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three construction workers of different generations talking on jobsite.

Managing Generational Gaps on the Jobsite

Construction companies with multigenerational workforces enjoy many benefits. Each generation has unique views and experiences, and these diverse perspectives contribute to...

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construction project manager using calculator for budgeting.

Why Do Construction Projects Go Over Budget?

To make profit, construction companies must carefully plan and schedule their projects. Materials, labor, equipment rentals, and all other expenses are calculated and added to...

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construction superintendent onboarding a new employee on the jobsite.

Effectively Onboarding New Employees in Construction

Construction can be a hazardous industry, with heavy machinery, great heights, toxic materials, and other physical risks being a normal part of the typical work environment....

Safety Tips
construction worker using mobile phone.

Using Technology To Improve Project Visibility in Construction

In construction project management, visibility is all about keeping everyone informed and on the same page from start to finish. It’s more than just good communication, however....

Raken & ConstructionDive Webinar: How to Boost Productivity in the Construction Industry.

Learn About Productivity Tracking with Raken’s Industry Experts

Last month, we teamed up with Construction Dive for a free webinar. In the webinar, Raken’s industry experts discuss why productivity tracking is essential and how construction...

Raken software on mobile phone and laptop.

How to Switch Seamlessly from NoteVault to Raken

When it comes to field reporting, it’s important to find a solution you can rely on. You may be here because you’re looking for an alternative to NoteVault. If you’re...

Tips Industry News
female construction worker.

How to Foster an Inclusive Workplace Environment

Every March, the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) hosts Women in Construction Week , a special celebration of—and for—women in the industry. While NAWIC...

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Raken + Ryvit.

Raken + Ryvit: The Power of Connection in Construction

Staying connected makes our lives easier—especially at work. In an increasingly remote world, it’s essential to communicate project updates as fast as possible. That way,...

construction worker using mobile phone.

The Unique Time Management Obstacles of Construction Crew Scheduling

Most construction jobs, even those that seem simple, require plenty of administration. Contractors have to be vetted, materials have to be secured, and plans need to be...


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